Safe PAAS to Travel

Safe PAAS to Travel

Your safety is our number one priority, therefore, to ensure your wellbeing Buddha Air has launched "Safe PAAS to Travel", a new protocol against COVID-19 while you are travelling with us. In these unprecedented periods of the pandemic with the frightening surge of coronavirus cases in the capital and elsewhere in the nation, we believe our "Safe PAAS to Travel" can add more to your safety and well-being. 

What is Safe PAAS to Travel? 

Safe PAAS to travel is the acronym for PassengerAirportAircraftStaff where you can find detail information regarding Buddha Air Safety Protocol against COVID-19. Our dedicated teams are working closely to enforce PAAS and stand by your side during the critical hours of a pandemic. 

P : Passenger's safety during travel. 

A : Airport disinfection for better sterility. 

A : Aircraft Disinfecting Procedure.

S : Staff guidelines against COVID-19. 

Just to ensure our passengers, all our protocols against COVID-19 are as per International Air Transport Association (IATA), Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and World Health Organization (WHO) Advisory.

Passenger's Safety during Travel

  • For the protection of self and others, all passengers should wear a clean mask. 
  • Mandatory distance between Buddha Air staffs and the passenger should be maintained not less than one meter.
  • Your movement inside the aircraft will not be permitted so passengers must use the lavatory before boarding a flight.
  • The temperature of each passenger will be taken and provided with a face shield.
  • No-carry policy for any passengers having ARS (Acute Respiratory Syndrome) or respiratory ailments during the Covid-19 outbreak.


Airport Disinfection for Better Sterility

  • Baggage Trolleys will be sprayed with disinfection twice a day before work start and at midday.
  • Transport vans, ramp buses, and vans will be sanitized after every use.
  • Sanitization of the places that are frequently touched like door handles and railings will be sanitized in every 30 minutes.
  • Instrument Panel, Switches for Operation of GSE, Railings of various trestles will be frequently sanitized. 


Aircraft Disinfecting Procedure

  • Approved disinfectant shall be used labelled with "Instruction for Use" and "Safety Precautions."
  • Aircraft disinfection process will be carried in the after each flight and at the end of the day's flight.
  • Frequently touched surfaces will be rubbed using rags soaked with disinfectant.
  • Aircraft disinfection will be carried in the after each flight and at the end of the day's flight.
  • All disposable protective equipment will be dumped in a double waste bags for disposal after accomplishing the disinfecting procedure. 


Staff Guidelines against COVID-19 

  • Mandatory wearing of clean mask covering mouth and nose should be strictly followed.
  • Cabin Crews must avoid close contact with passengers and their baggage, which will also be pre-informed to the passengers.
  • Staffs should be aware of social distancing in and outside the office. It is also requested to avoid unnecessary communal involvement that increases the risk of exposure. 
  • Staffs are requested to stay home in case of any health affliction with symptoms that resembles coronavirus and be so until completely cured. 
  • Mandatory check of temperature and sanitization of hands will be new protocol from now to enter Buddha Air offices and other premises. 


We are concern for your wellbeing; however, the battle against the coronavirus pandemic can only be won if our valued passengers adore our safety protocol. Our frontliners are heartily dedicated to serving you with the best. Therefore, we expect all our passengers to bear the responsibility of being informed and heed travel protocols for everyone's safety.