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Where can see all the information about Buddha Air?

Buddha Air web site

How can I process for booking?

Contact our Call Center or Sales Offices with necessary information like name, contact address, itinerary etc; or visit our website

How can I book flights from overseas?

You can book through Buddha Air website or e-mail

Can I have an open Ticket?

You can buy an open ticket.

Can I book flights through the phone?

Yes you can do it but you need to purchase ticket within ticketing time limit.

Do I have to enter my names as shown in my passport for flight booking?

Yes, you need to put your name as per passport

May I book through my traveling companions?

Yes you can book through your travel companions.

How do I make flight bookings for infant(s)?

Infant ticket booking is only at airport check-in counter.

What currency is the fare price quoted in?

NPR for Nepali and Indian and USD $ for foreign passenger.

Why the current online airfare is different to the one I have already paid for earlier?

Ticket price can very as per market requirement. Some time suddenly changes of fuel cost and changes of government policy.

While on booking procedure how can I confirm whether my booking is successful?

If your booking is confirm you can see it in HK status displaying on your booking detail or you will be given PNR with TTL.

If I purchase an E-ticket, what do I get as proof of that purchase?

You can take a print of E-ticket as a proof of ticket you have booked.

Do I need to reconfirm my flights?

Ticket once issued is confirmed, better to reconfirm.

Are those departure and arrival times shown in each local time?

Yes all the times shown in ticket is in local time.

The name on my ticket is incorrect, how do I correct it?

Name change facility is not available.

How do I make changes to my flight booking or my profile?

Fare wise: Booking can be changed but reschedule policy will be applicable as per fare.

What should I do if I didn’t receive any confirmation e-mail in relation to my flight booking?

At that time booking may not confirm. You need to contact again.

I received the new flight itinerary how I be assure of flight schedule changed?

Flight schedule may change with different cause; requested to verify with authorize office.

How can I change flight destination?

Cancel your ticket and issue as per your requirement (fare policy applicable)

Can I cancel my flight booking?

Yes, you can cancel but cancellation policy will be applicable

What is cancellation procedure?

In normal fare 'Y' call can be canceled but if cancelled one day prior to flight date 10% cancellation charge is levied. For same day cancellation 25% cancellation charge is levied. Cancellation is not entertained before 2 hrs of flight time.

Do I need to change my ticket as a result of flight schedule change?

Not necessary, but you can change as per your convenience.

What should I do if I cannot travel on the day of my departure?

Inform earlier as much as possible. Our fare policies will applicable.

What should I do if I lose my paper ticket?

Inform immediately to Buddha air reservation or sales offices or your travel agent.

How do I get my refund of unutilized tickets or document?

You can contact your travel agent or our sales outlet for refund with necessary document.

How long does it take to process refund after cancellation of my transaction?

Refunds are made immediately by producing valid refund document from the point of issuance of ticket.

Fare Policies

Nepali/ Indian Fares

This type of fare is applicable for the citizens of Nepal and India.

Foreigner (USD) Fare

This type of fare is applicable for the citizens besides Nepalese and Indian nationality.

Residential Fare

This type of fare is applicable for foreign passenger(s) who have been staying in Nepal for at least six (6) months before flight date in NON TOURIST VISA. Foreign Cockpit Crew flying different aircraft in Nepal will also be facilitated with this type of fare.

Child Fare

Child fare is applicable for the passenger(s) aged between 02 Years to (under) 12 Years of age. 33 % of the normal fare is discounted for this type of passenger(s).


Infant fare is applicable for the passenger(s) aged between the days of birth to (under) 02 years. Only 10 % of the normal fare will be charged for Infant passenger(s).


Refugee (s) Identification issuing country will be treated as the nationality to determine the fare for the refugee(s).

NRN (Non Residential Nepali)

These types of passenger(s) are treated as Nepalese upon providing/showing NRN Identity Card issued by the Government of Nepal. Failure to provide such valid document, passenger (s) will be treated as the foreign nationals and USD fare is applicable for such passenger(s).

Foreign passenger(s) married with the Nepalese nationality will be treated as foreign nationals and USD fare will be applicable
until or unless such passenger(s) issue passport / nationality certificate from the Nepal Government to claim Nepalese nationality.

Valid Photo ID

Any valid photo identity card is required to issue the ticket.
Any valid photo identity is MANDATORY while CHECKIN in airport.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation charge of 10% of the fare is levied if cancellation of ticket is done before 11 hours from flight time.
  • Cancellation charge of 33.33% of the fare is levied if cancellation of ticket is done within 11 hours from flight time.
  • Cancellation is prohibited two (2) hours before flight time.
  • Rescheduling of any flight can be done 11 hours prior to the flight time.
  • Passenger(s) will be treated as ‘No-Show’ if they do not check-in within stated reporting time. -Buddha Air is not liable to refund the ticket if the passenger falls under this category.

Cancellation of Flight

In case of cancellation of flight, Buddha Air will not provide any accommodation/compensation to the passenger however Buddha Air will try to accommodate the passenger in the nearest/earliest available flight to the destination.

Can I cancel my flight booking?

Yes, you can cancel but cancellation policy will be applicable.

What is cancellation procedure?

In normal fare 'Y' call can be canceled but if cancelled one day prior to flight date 10% cancellation charge is levied. For same day cancellation 25% cancellation charge is levied. Cancellation is not entertained before 2 hrs of flight time.

Where do I get refund of my cancelled ticket?

Buddha air’s sales office or your travel agents where ever is the point of issuance.


How much baggage can I carry with my Ticket?

As per policy; Y class 25kg, A class 20kg, B class 20kg, D class 15kg, C class 15kg, E class 15kg

What is the size of cabin hand baggage?

The maximum size of the cabin hand baggage cannot exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm (20 x 14 x 9ins).

Can I get distance airport to city office in Kilometer?

Dhngadi-8 Km/Nepalgunj-8 Km/Bhairahawa-4 Km/Pokhara-1 Km/Bhartpur-300 meter/Simara-25 Km/Janakpur-4 Km/Biratnagar-5 Km/Bhadrapur-500 Meter/Tumlingtar-500 Meter

Can I carry liquid materials in my baggage?

Liquid is restricted item. It is not permitted in our flight.

Do you have stretcher service?

Yes we provide stretcher service.

How do I make stretcher booking?

Book before 24 hrs of flight time. Need to book 6 Y class seats for stretcher and extra available class seats for assistant.

Do you provide oxygen cylinder?

We do not provide oxygen cylinder. Passenger can carry portable (2.5 inch) oxygen cylinder if medically required.


What are procedures for airport check-in?

Reach before one hour of departure time and present your ticket, baggage with valid ID at our check in counter.

What documents and documentation are required for my travel?

Ticket and a valid ID card is required at the check in counter.

Where can I find information Buddha Air?

Log in Buddha Air web site

What is the procedure for sick passenger check-in?

Brief about sick passenger condition, sign agreement paper and present fit to fly prescription given by Doctor.

How do I cancel my ticket I am not checked-in?

Inform earlier to Airport counter.

If flight canceled how do you manage my flight?

We will try to adjust in next immediate flight if the seats are available and your convenience if not you can claim for refund.

How do I cancel my ticket I am not checked-in?

Inform earlier to Airport counter.

What is a proper solution that I missed my flight?

You must report to the check in counter before check in counter at least before 15 minute of departure time. Any ticked not reported at the stimulated time are considered as no show.

Can I book Cargo from airport?

Yes you can book it.

Do you provide special assistance for needy?

Yes we provide special assistance at Airport.

How do I find the latest information regarding flight status?

Monitor display screen, announcement or you can contact our ground staff.

What types of service you cater inside flight?

We serve news paper, cold drinks, and light snacks for Nepalgunj, Bhadrapur and Dhangadi sectors.

What is the arrangement for diverted flight passenger?

Passengers are readjusted to next immediate flight as far as possible. If diverted flight declare night stop we provide transportation, hotel accommodation and food if diverted to other sector than point of origin or destination.

If flight is cancel do you provide delay schedule?

Depending on the circumstances delay schedules are provided.

How much should I pay for infant?

Infant fare is 10% of ticket fare.

What is the age restriction for infant passenger?

Below 24 month of age are considered as infant.

How many infants carry with a passenger?

Only one infant can be carried with a passenger.

How can I change my flight to earlier time?

You can contact Buddha Air office for any reschedule of your departure. Fare rule are applicable.

What are the services provided to disabled and reduced mobility passenger?

Buddha Air provides assistance such as wheel chair, stretcher facility and required facility after the information is given to our ground staff.

Can I carry musical Instruments or huge luggage?

We don’t accept huge luggage, normally we accept luggage as per baggage compartment size.

Can I carry bicycle through your flight?

Yes we accept bicycle with flat tire only.

Where is check-in counter of my flight?

Please look for display board for check-in counter at the airport

What are the items not permitted to fly with?

The following items are not permitted to be carried as hand or hold baggage:
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Gas cylinders
  • Flammable liquids and solids
  • Poisons
  • Radioactive materials
  • Infectious substances such as bacteria and viruses
  • Corrosives such as mercury, acids, alkalis, and wet-cell batteries
  • Human and animal cell specimen
  • Any item listed as dangerous good
  • Any item restricted by the law

At what time the check in counter opens?

Check in counter opens one hour before departure time.

What is the procedure to fly pregnancy women?

Pregnancy period of 25 week to 32 weeks need doctor’s certificate of fit to fly along with agreement paper between party and Buddha Air, above 32 weeks we don’t accept pregnant passenger in our flight due medical reason

When does the boarding of flight starts?

Boarding starts before 15 minute of departure time.

Do I get refund when your flight is delay?

Yes, if flight is delayed more than one hrs and you decide not to travel you can claim for refund.

What is your insurance policy for the flying passenger?

Twenty Thousand USD amount is for a passenger as insurance claim.

What is the insurance policy for check-in baggage?

Twenty USD is for per kg baggage as insurance clam

Can armed guard travel along with VIP?

Weapons are not allowed in the cabin.

Domestic PETS

What is the procedure to carry live animals in my flight?

The following procedures must be fulfilled to carry live animals in your flight:

  • A health certificate including vaccination from a licensed veterinarian.
  • A leak proof and well ventilated cage.
  • Permission from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).