For the safety of our customers and travelers, Buddha Air has come with a new protocol for disinfecting airport premises that are vulnerable to contagious influenzas like COVID-19. Our safety protocol strictly follows the guidelines of IATA, CAAN, and WHO with the active participation of our staff to fight against the deadly pandemic.

Routine for Disinfecting Office and other Premises

  • Entire office premises will be sanitized twice a day; before work start and at midday.
  • Frequently touched spots like toilet flush knobs & taps, door handles will be sanitized in a regular interval.
  • All Baggage Trolleys will be sprayed with disinfection after every use.
  • Buddha Air vehicles – transport vans, ramp buses, and vans etc will be sanitized after every use.
  • All canteen utensils shall be sanitized after every use.
  • Aircraft will be thoroughly sanitized early in the morning and places passengers frequently touch like seat handles, trays, overhead handles, railing, toilets etc will be sanitized after every flight at all stations.

Disinfecting Critical Areas in Buddha Air

  • All the critical areas will be disinfected using proper disinfecting solutions as recommended by WHO. Alcohol based sanitizers will be used to sanitize materials like fabrics and electronics displays, switches whereas liquid bleach will be used for non-porous surfaces like railings, tabletops, door handles etc.
  • In our Offices: Critical areas in the office premises will be strictly disinfected twice a day; before work start and at midday. Considering railings of stair and passages, door handle, armrest of chairs and sofas, telephone etc will be prime concern.
  • Our Transports: Office vehicles including transport vans and ramp buses will be disinfected after use. Critical areas will include door handles, passenger seats, overhead railing straps etc will be sanitized frequently and specifically.
  • Baggage and Ground Support Equipment: Trolley Floor Area and Side Railings will be disinfected along with ground support equipment that includes Instrument Panel or Switches for Operation of GSE, Railings of various trestles etc. All baggage trolleys will be sprayed with disinfection twice a day.

Disinfecting Buddha Air’s Canteen

  • In order to stop any possible contagion, it is now mandatory for all our staff to bring their food from home or use the Buddha Air canteen. Our entire canteen premises will be strictly sterilized and frequently exposed areas like dining tables, chairs, washbasin, kitchen top, etc will be the prime concern of our staff for maintaining sanitation.


Passengers who fail to adhere to these guidelines and instructions will be termed disruptive and will be refused access to the aircraft cabin, or disembarked. If the events take place before aircraft doors are shut, such disruptive passengers shall be removed from airport premises by the competent public authorities according to national/local legislation. Furthermore, subject to national requirements, they may be subject to additional actions as determined by the local authorities at the departure airport.

For any suggestions and recommendations reports kindly write to: [email protected] , Send us your feedback here.