Buddha Air has introduced a mandatory protocol to encourage safe travel during pandemic concerning our valued passengers. Although the risk of infection in an aircraft is least compared to the mall and office, nevertheless, it is best to take preventive measures to sense the feeling of calm and comfortable flight even during such unprecedented times.

All the protocols mentioned below are the strict guidelines from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), the Airline Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). We request all our passengers to modestly follow them.

  • For the protection of self and others, passengers are requested to wear a mask all the time on the airport premises. 
  • Mask must be up to the safety standard and should cover the mouth and nose properly.
  • It is mandatory to practice social distancing of at least one meter at airport premises.
  • Self-declaration is compulsory for both International and domestic passengers.
  • In case of any symptoms of flu and atypical body temperature, Buddha Air will not be in the obligation to make your travel and may ask to return.
  • Passengers over the age of 70 are vulnerable to COVID-19 infections therefore extra caution must be applied by such passengers and must refrain from flying if they have an underlying health condition.
  • Counters will be closed 15 minutes before boarding and all passengers will be informed accordingly to report at the airport at least 1.5 hours before flight time.
  • No-show will be strictly implemented and such passengers will not be adjusted in other flights
  • It is mandatory to use e-tickets and place baggage themselves on the weighing machine to avoid contact and any chances of infection. 
  • Stringent screening will be done at the boarding gate to identify symptomatic and susceptible passengers. Passengers posing any symptoms of coronavirus will be barred from flying for the health and safety of all concerned.
  • Passengers will also be provided with hand sanitizers at the boarding gate.
  • For differently-abled passengers, our wheelchairs will be sanitized after every use.
  • Passengers will be boarded in the ramp bus and in the aircraft four at a time maintaining social distance.
  • Passengers are requested to minimize unnecessary movement in flight and refrain from touching non-essential items.
  • To minimize the risk of transmission in a confined space, the onboard lavatories will be made unavailable throughout the phases of flight, all the traveling passengers are requested to use the lavatories available at the airport premises.
  • All onboard catering services shall not be made available and water shall be provided only upon request.
  • During the time of pandemic until further notice, no carry policy for live animals.
  • We require a PCR report indicating negative for COVID-19 (within 72 hours) for passengers requiring oxygen support. Besides, the passenger needs to present a medical document with information regarding the required oxygen flow rate.
  • Passengers are encouraged to immediately notify the nearest airlines staffs on any suspected cases and on cases when Covid-19 prevention measures are not being followed as Buddha Air pledges to implement strong action against violation of this public health initiative.
  • The concerned staff will report immediately to the supervisor any passenger not adhering to this protocol, who will be dealt firmly and immediately reported to the airport security.


Passengers who fail to adhere to these guidelines and instructions will be termed disruptive and will be refused access to the aircraft cabin, or disembarked. If the events take place before aircraft doors are shut, such disruptive passengers shall be removed from airport premises by the competent public authorities according to national/local legislation. Furthermore, subject to national requirements, they may be subject to additional actions as determined by the local authorities at the departure airport.


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