Answers to Frequently Asked Questions by Buddha Air's Passengers

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions by Buddha Air's Passengers

Buddha Air is second to none domestic airlines in Nepal. We are not only concerned in providing the best services to our passengers but also satisfy them in every step with our 24/7 customer service. Below are the top FAQs answered by our dedicated customer service representative.

1. Does Buddha Air allow pet on flight?

- Yes, you can travel with your pet on Buddha Air, but there are terms and conditions for carriage of pets. For more information, please check Traveling With Pets

2. Where do I get the latest information regarding my flight status?

- The latest information on your flight status of the day can be found on our website here on our mobile app.

Download the app:

  Google Play Store:
  App Store:

3. Where can I get all the information about Buddha Air?

- You can find all the information about Buddha Air on our website at

4. Do you have discount on child fare?

- Yes, we have discount for child fare. 33% of normal fare is discounted for child passenger.

5. What is the age category for infant passenger?

- Passenger(s) who are 7 days old to under 2 years old at the time of travel are considered infant passenger(s).

6. What is the age category for child passenger?

- Passenger(s) who are above 2 years and under 12 years at the time of travel are considered child passenger(s). If the child is above 12 years of age, he/she is considered a young passenger.

7. Do you provide unaccompanied minor service?

- Yes, we provide Unaccompanied Minor Service for children aged between 5 to 12 years old. For more information, please check UM (Below 12 Years)

8. I have purchased a ticket, but need to reschedule. What do I do?

- You can reschedule your ticket, but charges and terms and conditions apply.

9. I have incorrectly entered the wrong passenger name? What do I do?

- Please send the corrected name(s) with all the flight details (PNR, BT Code, Ticket Number and Sector) to

10. What documents / documentation are required for check-in?

- You will need your ticket and a valid photo ID at the time of check-in at the airport.

     o For Nepalese, a government issued national ID like citizenship, driving license, election photo ID card is accepted.
     o For Indians, you need any government issued photo ID except for Aadhar Card.
     o For foreigners, you will need a valid passport during check-in.

11. How do I cancel my ticket?

- To cancel your ticket, please immediately contact your point of sales or call us at 01 5542494 or email

12. What time should I reach the airport for my domestic flight?

- For domestic flights, you will need to reach the airport an hour before departure time.

13. What time should I reach the airport for my international flight?

- For international flights, you will need to reach the airport three hours before departure time.

14. Where can I get information regarding baggage limit?

- A passenger is allowed to carry one 5kg hand carry luggage. The amount of check-in baggage will be clearly displayed at the time of ticket purchase. It is also printed on the ticket itself. The check-in luggage differs according to fare class.

   o 'Y' Class - 25 kgs.
   o 'A' & 'B' Class - 20 kgs.
   o 'C', 'D' & 'E' class - 15 kgs

15. Can I make changes to my booking after I have purchased a ticket?

- You can only change the date and time of your ticket, but these changes must be made prior to scheduled departure of your flight to avoid no show charges. Changes to your booking can incur rebooking fees depending on the applicable fare rule.

16. Do I need a photo ID during check in?

- Yes, a valid photo ID is mandatory during check in.

17. What is no-show?

- A passenger will be considered no-show when he/she does not check-in at the airport within the allotted time.

18. If I have purchased a ticket online, where is the proof that my ticket is confirmed?

- An email of the ticket will be sent to the given email address.

faq buddha air

19. Can I cancel my ticket?

- Yes, you can. But cancellation charges apply. Please have a look at the terms and conditions

20. Can I cancel my booking?

- Booking will automatically be cancelled if you do not purchase it within the duration of the TTL (Time to leave). No charges will be added for cancelled booking.

21. Can I choose my seat?

- At the moment, we do not offer seat assignment option for our passengers. However, you can write a note that you will like to be seated near the aisle or window when booking your ticket on the remark section.

22. I've accidentally misspelled my name when booking? What do I do?

- Unfortunately, we do not have name change facility online at the moment. If you need to change the error in your name, please email If the name change is not possible, you will need to cancel and book your ticket again. Cancellation charges will apply. Check flight fare rules and regulations

23. How do I get a printed ticket?

- If you've purchased your ticket from our website or mobile app, an e-ticket should be sent to you on your email OR If you have logged in as a customer, your tickets will be available on the "My Booking" tab on both our website and mobile app. If you did not receive your email, you can easily get the ticket on our website here You need to fill in your PNR and ticket number.

24. I've been getting the "no flights available" page while searching for flights. Why?

- Flights for the desired dates may not be available. Please try searching the flights for another day. If the problem still persists, try clearing your browser cache and search for the flights again.

25. What do I do if my baggage is missing or misplaced?

- If your cabin baggage/hand carry or checked-in baggage has been lost, misplaced or damaged, immediately inform a Buddha Air representative at the airport. You will need to fill in a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) before you leave the airport premises. While filling in the form, please correctly indicate your flight details, baggage tag number, details of what your baggage looks like and your contact details.

26. What items are not allowed in my hand carry/ cabin baggage?

- You cannot carry the following items in your cabin baggage or hand carry:

     o  Lighters and matches
     o  Toy or replica guns
     o  Loose batteries
     o  Aerosol sprays
     o  Sharp items like knives, scissors, nail cutter, razor blades, needles, paper cutter, etc.
     o  Any dangerous items like corrosives, radioactive materials, ammunition, firearms, etc.

27. Does Buddha Air provide cargo facility?

- Yes, we provide cargo facility in our domestic sectors.

28. What is cargo rate?

- Get the latest and updated cargo rates here: Cargo Rates

29. Can I transport my pet as cargo?

- For information on this, please refer here: Traveling With Pets

30. How is cargo accepted by Buddha Air?

- We will accept cargo that is brought to the sales offices and outstations of Buddha Air.

31. Can a pregnant woman fly?

- Yes, pregnant women can fly with us under the following conditions:

For Single Pregnancy

   o  0 -28 weeks (End 28th week) - No documents required
   o  29 - 36 weeks (Beginning 29th week/ End 36th week) - Medical certificate required
   o  37 weeks onwards (Beginning 37th week) - Not permitted to travel

For Multiple Pregnancy

   o  0-28 weeks (End 28th week) - No documents required
   o  29-32 weeks (Beginning 29th week/ End 32nd week) - Medical certificate required
   o  33 weeks onwards (Beginning 33rd week) - Not permitted to travel

For more information regarding this, please visit Pregnant Women

32. What should I do if I require stretcher?

- You will need to make a stretcher booking 24 hours before flight time. You are required to submit an MEDIF form. Please note that for stretcher, you will need to book 6 Y class tickets and an extra seat for assistant passenger.

33. Do you provide oxygen cylinder?

- We do not provide oxygen cylinder. Passenger can carry portable (2.5 inch) oxygen cylinder if medically required.

34. My cargo was delivered, but it was damaged? What do I do?

- Please inform our representative at the cargo counter regarding the damaged cargo.

35. Do I have to purchase a flight ticket for cargo services?

- No, you do not need to purchase ticket to send cargo. Our cargo is an additional service that we provide for our customers.

36. If my child is traveling alone, what should I do?

- Children travelling alone are classified as unaccompanied minor. Unaccompanied minor are children aged between 5-12 years of age. The parent or guardian will need to fill in the unaccompanied minor form available here. For more information, please visit UM (Below 12 Years)

37. What should I do if I need a wheelchair?

- If you need a wheelchair, you must make a request at the time of booking. The wheelchair service is available for free at our stations. Please note that the wheelchair request is made at the time of booking or ticket confirmation so that we can accommodate a wheelchair for you. If a medical passenger requires a wheelchair, then a MEDIF form needs to be filled in. You can get more information here at Special Needs

Note: If you have questions about Buddha Air that are not addressed, comment them below.