Traveling With Pets

Traveling With Pets

Anyone who wants to travel with their pet must give prior information to our cargo office. You need to provide detailed information about your pet and book accordingly. This will help cargo employees make necessary arrangements regarding your pets.

The following procedures must be fulfilled to carry live animals in your flight:

  • A health certificate regarding fit to fly including vaccination from a licensed veterinarian.
  • The passenger must have the health certificate or quarantine paper for their respective pets.
  • A leak-proof and well-ventilated cage.
  • Live fish/turtle materials must be packed in closed containers with oxygen under pressure with airtight seals.

The following terms and conditions must be fulfilled for carriage of pets:

  • We do not accept carriage of cats and dogs which are younger than two weeks old.
  • We do not accept carriage of cats and dogs which are more than six weeks pregnant.
  • A veterinary certificate is required for pregnant and young animals to certify that they are fit to travel.
  • Only 2 pets are allowed in a flight. 
  • There is no weight limitation for live animals.
  • We do not provide medical services for your pets.
  • We are not liable for death or accident caused by natural causes.
  • If any pet or animal dies during travel, we will consult a veterinary doctor. The report provided by the veterinary doctor will be delivered by us to the respective pet owner.
  • We do not ship pets through transit routes.  

For booking, please contact:

Cargo Office
Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977 01-4113190
If the booking needs to be done from outside of Kathmandu, then please contact our outstations.

Cargo Rates for Live Animal

Please find the cargo rates for live animal below. Please note that all fares are mentioned in Nepali currency unless otherwise stated.

Sector* Pets & Live Animals (Per KG)
KTM-BDP (vv) Rs. 540
KTM-BHR (vv) Rs. 405
KTM-BIR (vv) Rs. 465
KTM-BWA (vv) Rs. 405
KTM-DHI (vv) Rs. 750
KTM-JKR (vv) Rs. 345
KTM-KEP (vv) Rs. 615
KTM-PKR (vv) Rs. 405
KTM-SIF (vv) Rs. 345
KTM-TMI (vv) Rs. 405
KTM-SKH (vv) Rs. 735
KTM-RJB (vv) Rs. 420
PKR - BHR (vv) Rs. 435
PKR - BWA (vv) Rs. 390
PKR - KEP (vv) Rs. 480
PKR - SIF (vv) Rs. 405
PKR - BIR (vv) Rs. 630
BHR-BWA (vv) Rs. 435