Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women

To ensure that flying is safe and comfortable for the pregnant mother and soon-to-be-born child, we have outlined some guidelines for you to follow. With careful preparation, flying when pregnant can be safe and pleasant. Any women, traveling between up to 28 weeks of pregnancy can travel on our flight without a medical certificate. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, a medical certificate is required, stating the expectant mother is fit-to-fly. We will not allow expectant mothers who are pregnant from 37 weeks onwards (for single pregnancy) and 32 weeks onwards (for multiple pregnancies) to fly with us.

For Single Pregnancy

Period Restriction
Up to 28 weeks (End 28th week) No documents required
29-36 weeks (Beginning 29th week / End 36th week Medical certificate required
37 weeks onwards (Beginning 37th week) Not permitted to travel

For Multiple Pregnancy

Period Restriction
Up to 28 weeks (End 28th week) No documents required
29-32 weeks (Beginning 29th week / End 32th week Medical certificate required
33 weeks onwards (Beginning 33th week) Not permitted to travel

The medical certificate required for women traveling while pregnant must fulfill the following guidelines:

  • Must be signed by the passenger's medical doctor or attending midwife or attending next of kin on a registered clinic or hospital letterhead.
  • Must be issued within 7 days from the date of travel
  • Clearly state if the pregnancy is single or multiple.
  • Clearly state the number of weeks of pregnancy and/or expected date of delivery
  • Clearly state that the passenger is fit-to-fly
  • Must be easily understood and written in English or Nepali.

Please note that the following details as well:

  • The original certificate will be kept by the passenger
  • If the pregnant woman states that she is less than 28 weeks pregnant, then she will be accepted without any further questions.
  • In all trimesters of pregnancy, we recommend you seek advice from your doctor or gynecologist.

Travel Tips for Expectant Mother/Pregnant Women

  • It is advisable for the expectant mother/pregnant woman to travel with a companion. Please request that the companion be seated next to the pregnant woman/expectant mother, so he/she can assist her during the journey.
  • Ensure that the companion has the necessary emergency contact numbers.
  • Please request to be seated in an aisle seat so that the pregnant woman is free to move around and use the lavatory when needed.
  • Do not fasten seat belt too tightly. Be sure to always keep the seat belt fasten in case of turbulence.
  • Make sure the copies of medical records and certificates are up to date. Pack them safely in your carry on luggage so that it can be easily retrieved whenever required.