Tripadvisor Travllers’ Choice 2020 to Mountain Flight

Tripadvisor Travllers’ Choice 2020 to Mountain Flight

Nepal is known worldwide as the country of Mount Everest and is also home to most of the tallest peaks in the world that stand 8000 meters and above. Nepal is visited by a thousand of tourists every year from all around the globe. People have been visiting the country for various reasons out of which one is to encounter the Himalayas from up-close and converse with the Nepalese as they are applauded for their hospitality, generosity, and innocence. 

For people looking for opportunities to encounter with the Himalayas, the crispy glaciers and lakes, we at Buddha Air have been providing mountain flights since a couple of years where you can gaze at 20 of the tallest mighty mountains of the Eastern region of Nepal. And today, we are more than gratified to announce that our very airlines “Buddha Air” have bagged the “Tripadvisors Travellers’ Choice 2020” once again for three consecutive years. 

Trip Advisor 2020 Award to Buddha Air

This award was set up by Tripadvisor, which is one of the world’s famous travel website. And we are delighted to inform you that Buddha Air is the only airline company in Nepal who has been able to bag this award. This service of ours does not have much of a long history, but we have been loved and appraised by our passengers from all around. This once in a lifetime experience to gaze at the sheer beauty of the Himalayas just 20 miles away from your window seat is undoubtedly thrilling! Despite having not much of a long history, our mountain flight experience has gained popularity and trust among our passengers from all around the world! 

We have a legacy of 23 years and a substantial experience of flying in the skies ever since. Throughout time, we have gained popularity and trust from people, and they have loved our services. As of today, we operate half a dozen mountain flights and a hundred domestic flights daily. We fly to 13 destinations and some of the main cities of the country like Biratnagar, Pokhara, Bharatpur, Bhairahawa, Tumlintar, Janakpur, and so on. We also operate international flights to Varanasi.

We, the team at Buddha Air, have always been obliged and successful in providing excellent services to our passengers from the very start. Throughout history, we have been renowned for our safe and convenient flying experience, and to our delight, we do not compromise on providing top-notch services as well. Thus, for the motion, the award speaks for itself, and this has been attainable due to the collective perseverance of the entire team at Buddha Air. 

However, if you are wondering about Buddha Air's mountain flight experience and would want the details, you should certainly visit our website. It has been a pleasure working as a team to provide our customers with services they have been longing for, and we look forward to providing you with services very soon. Until then, stay safe!