Relieve Yourself after Lockdown "Fly to Pokhara and Chitwan"

Relieve Yourself after Lockdown "Fly to Pokhara and Chitwan"

On the 54th day of lockdown, the Nepal government has decided to extend the nationwide lockdown till the 2nd of June 2020 whereas individuals exhausted sitting back at home were expecting flexible precautions from the government. In this global pandemic phase that emerged as a threat to entire humankind, experts believe a long and idle week in the home can be a safe and inexpensive price against the airborne diseases like COVID-19 especially when vaccines and medications are under the lab. In recent weeks the skyrocketing number of positive coronavirus cases and deaths has created a dilemma among the medical experts working in the frontline with an obligation to all Nepalese citizens to be patient and responsible. 

Spanish Flu and Cholera pandemic in past centuries are proof that humanity has risen above all the extreme events of history. While the nations like the United Kingdom and India are still in a strict lockdown, it is wise for Nepal to follow their footsteps because one poor decision can cost us demographic as well as economic loss eventually tumbling down the entire nation that will take at least a century to recuperate. In this grim phase of pandemic, we do not have much to do to entertain you but an optimistic view towards life and to keep the economic wheel running Buddha Holidays the sister organization of Buddha Air has come up with an implausible holiday package for everyone who is chocking in the boredom of lockdown. The holiday package introduced for Pokhara and Chitwan has its limited time offer, and strictly for Nepalese citizens, that will be steered actively after the end of nationwide lockdown; nevertheless, the booking facilities are already available in our website. Our holiday packages introduced with a clear motive of relieving the boredom of lockdown, boost the tourism industry, and building confidence among the international tourists by giving them a message of safe travel. 

Two Days to Paradise Pokhara Also known as the gateway to the Annapurna region holds the mesmerizing beauty of spectacular backdrop of the snowy peaks of the Himalayan range and the peaceful view of Phewa, Begnas and Rupa Lakes which makes it one of the most admired tourist destinations in Nepal. Our exclusive Pokhara package “Two Days to Paradise Pokhara” will cost Rs. 5,999 in a 3-star hotel accommodation including bed and breakfast facilitated by two-way Buddha Air tickets with airport pick and drop option. According to the traveler’s choice, we offer a wide range of hotels in the beautiful Pokhara Valley. 


Two Days to Rhino Land Located in the terai fringe of Nepal Chitwan National Park is one of Asia’s best national parks that offers a spectacular wildlife view. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 it is the home of around 600 birds and 68 mammals along the indigenous people known as Tharus. Our exclusive Chitwan holiday package “Two Days to Rhino Land” costs Rs. 7,999 and offers 2 Nights and 3 Days package in 3-star luxury hotels including all meals facilitated by two-way Buddha Air tickets with airport pick and drop option. 


All necessary precaution against COVID-19 under the guidelines of WHO and IATA has been pledged for the safety of travelers and the staffs. Our hotel and transport partners will also be supporting us by implementing strict WHO safety protocols.

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