Here’s what you need to know when flying with your pet

Here’s what you need to know when flying with your pet

We know your pet is an important member of your family. Before flying with your pet was a possibility, traveling was a gut-wrenching experience as you had to leave your beloved pet behind. But nowadays, many travelers are taking their pet with them, wherever they go.

Buddha Air is one of the pet-friendly airlines operating in Nepal. At most of its destinations, the airlines accept pets like cats, dogs, birds, and even fish and turtles! It aims to make traveling with pets a comfortable and safe journey for the pet and its owner. The airlines know that flying with a pet is not an easy task as you need to get your pet ready for its flight. Careful planning is required before your pet takes off.

Here are some tips and procedures you need to know when you’re flying with your pet with Buddha Air: (more details Traveling with Pets)

The airline does not accept your pet to travel in the main cabin unless it is an assistance animal.

The transport of the pet is handled by the Cargo Department of the airline. You can contact them via  +977-01-4477321.

It is advisable to get your pet ready for flying a few days before the actual flight date. Do not decide to fly with your pet on short notice as it could be difficult for the airline to accommodate accordingly.

The proper paperwork related to vaccinations and quarantines of your pet is required. This paperwork has to be done by a certified veterinarian.

Your pet’s cage must be leak-proof and properly ventilated with absorbent sheeting placed at the bottom of the cage. Your pet must be able to comfortably lie down or sit upright while in the cage.

The cage must be correctly labeled with the contact details of the owner or person responsible for the pet.

The airline does not accept pets that are more than six weeks pregnant. For pets who are under six weeks pregnant, a veterinary certificate is required.

Pets that are less than 2 weeks old are also not accepted.

The airline only allows two pets per passenger.

Buddha Air will only take your pet into the cargo hold as the departure time nears and place the cage in a suitable compartment. In case of any delays, rerouting or cancellations, the airline will inform the owner. Please note that the airline will not be responsible for providing water and food to your pet.

The next time you fly with your pet on a Buddha Air flight, be sure to adhere to all the procedures and follow the tips. This will make a memorable and comfortable journey for you and your pet.