COVID-19 - Measures to Safeguard our Customers and Crew

COVID-19 - Measures to Safeguard our Customers and Crew

What Is Buddha Air Doing to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus? 

The trust you’ve placed in choosing to fly Buddha Air is an enduring reason for our unwavering commitment to safety. 

We are taking the utmost precautions to ensure cleanliness at each touchpoint of your journey - from check-in to boarding the aircraft, and even in our head and sales offices. 

We are the first domestic airlines in Nepal to voluntarily implement all these safety measures. 

Extra care when cleaning 

Buddha air’s prevention against COVID-19 is to regularly disinfect surfaces people have the most contact with. From our aircrafts to airports, we are taking extra measures to thoroughly clean and disinfect. 

While cleaning and disinfecting our aircrafts, extra precautions are taken to clean surfaces that passengers touch the most like seats, overhead bins, armrests, trays, lava, etc. We are even disinfecting the ramp and luggage trolleys too. 

We have also increased our cleaning schedule for our check-in areas and ticket counters. Besides the aircraft and airport, even our sales offices and head offices are being cleaned and disinfected with careful care. All these are done with special cleaning and spray at regular intervals. 

Availability of hand sanitizers 

Following simple personal hygiene practices like washing your hands, and minimising touching your face, eyes or mouth is important to prevent the spread of the measure of coronavirus. We know our passengers are already following these measures. We are also placing hand sanitizers on all of our ticket counters and boarding gates at the airport. 

We have placed hand sanitizers at our head office and sales offices as well. 

In the air 

You can fly assured that the air you’re breathing in during your flight is fresh air. Each of our aircraft has advanced air circulation systems and filtering equipment for regular air circulation, which pulls in fresh air to replace cabin air. 

Furthermore, we are also making in-flight announcements during coronavirus in all of our flights. Hand sanitizers and masks are also available upon request. 

Mandatory temperature checks 

All passengers who are boarding Buddha Air flights have to go through a temperature check. In the check-in procedure, our agent will use a handheld thermometer to check your temperature. If your temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius, then you can be prevented from boarding your flight. You can either get a full refund or reschedule for another flight time if you are prevented from boarding the flight. 

Besides during check-in, temperature checks are also mandatory at our head office and sales offices. Whether it’s our employees or customers visiting our offices, their temperature will be checked before they can enter. Also, they have to use hand sanitizers before entering the offices. 

Well-being of Cabin Crew and Pilots

Our cabin crew and pilots are well-advised to see doctors immediately in case they are not feeling well then, they do not need to report to work. Temperature screening is also mandatory for our cabin crew and pilots before all flights. With our highest concern for our passenger’s safety, all cabin crew is obliged to wear masks on board and are provided with gloves.

Taking care of employees 

Our employees are one of the pillars of our success. We take care of them so that they can provide support to our passengers during this difficult time. 

All of our employees have been given hand sanitizers. For those who directly engage with customers, we have also provided masks and gloves. 

Information regarding coronavirus has been communicated with all employees. Since the situation is evolving constantly, we have created channels so that employees from different departments can update each other. 

We have also provided a ‘Work from Home’ provision to employees who wish to do so. 

All of us at Buddha Air are doing their best to ensure you have a safe journey with us. We request that you will cooperate with us during this time, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

For more information on preventive measures, please refer to the WHO website.