5 Cool Hill Stations to Travel in Nepal This Summer

5 Cool Hill Stations to Travel in Nepal This Summer

The sweltering heat of the summer is upon us. If you are looking for destinations to cool off this summer, you do not have to look far! Nepal has some of the best destinations to cool off the summer heat. The 5 hill stations below are your perfect short getaways that are worth exploring for their natural beauty and cool climate! These top cool places to visit in summer are sure to boost your hunger for wanderlust.


With lush rows of tea gardens, Ilam is a beautiful district in Eastern Nepal. Its world-renowned tea production gives the city the apt name of being called the "Tea City of Nepal." Take in the cool breeze as you walk through the rows of the tea garden. You will get a first-hand experience of the immense hard work and effort put in by the growers so you get your perfect cup of tea! Besides the tea gardens of Ilam, you can venture out to nearby places like Antu Dada, Sandakphu and Kanyam for majestic Himalayan views.


How to Get To Ilam?

The easiest and convenient way to get to Ilam is to take a flight to Bhadrapur. The nearest airport to Ilam is Bhadrapur Airport (Chandragadhi Airport). Once you take a 45 minutes flight from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur, you will need to take a 3-hour drive to reach Ilam. Buddha Air has daily and direct flights between Kathmandu and Bhadrapur.


6 kilometres from the tourist hub of Pokhara is Sarangkot, a quaint hill station popular as the best spot to view the rising sun against the backdrop of the Annapurna range. At an elevation 0f 1592 meters, your eyes will glide over the hill and get the stunning views of Himalaya ranges such as Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, and Mt. Machhapuchhare. An added bonus is the panoramic views of Pokhara city and Phewa Lake.  It's best to spend a night there so you can get the perfect sunrise and sunset experience.

Sarangkot-hill morning

How to Get To Sarangkot?

Take a direct flight to Pokhara and drive to Sarangkot. You have options to take a taxi, bus, bike or even cycle to Sarangkot. With Buddha Air, you can get to Pokhara via the following flight routes:



Another popular hill station in the eastern part of Nepal is Dharan. It is also the gateway to the Makalu Base Camp Trek. Dharan is also known as the "Brigade of Soldiers" as it was once a recruitment centre for Gurkha soldiers. The religious shrines, religious and historical values of this locale makes it a prominent hub for travel. You get to experience an amalgamation of cultures as people from the surrounding districts of Sankhuwasabha, Tehrathum, Ilam, Panchthar, Dhankuta, Bhojpur, Taplejung and Khotang live together in Dharan.

Just 30 minutes from the main market of Dharan is Bhedetaar, which is a perfect spot for a hike and a picnic. Take in the cool winds as you admire the view with a nice packed lunch!


How to Get To Dharan?

Dharan is located 40 kilometres north of Biratnagar.  You can take a direct flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar and drive to Dharan. Alternatively, Buddha Air also has three flights weekly between Tumlingtar and Biratnagar.


Lying on the midway point between Pokhara and Kathmandu is Bandipur, a hilltop station in Tanahun District. It is one of the most beautiful stations in Nepal where history and culture prevail!

Bandipur is known for its well-preserved Newari architecture and its pristine natural environment. Besides its intricate architecture and amazing mountain views, there are top religious places in Bandipur like Khadga Devi, Bindhabasini Temple, Chandithan and Mahalaxmi Temple.

Bandipur is becoming one of the top destinations for relaxing vacation on the hills while enjoying stunning views of mountains.


How To Get To Bandipur?

As it is located between Pokhara and Kathmandu, you can fly to either of these destinations and drive to Bandipur.


Gorkha has such rich history, that it is a mandatory mention on any books written about the "History of Nepal." Besides being a birthplace of Prithivi Narayan Shan, Gorkha is home to the Gurkha soldiers, who are known all over the world for their bravery.

Gorkha has some of the most beautiful architecture with the historical and cultural environment. The palace on top of the hill and the centre of the town add beauty to the town. If you are up for trekking the Manaslu Circuit, Gorkha is the gateway to this trek.


How To Get To Gorkha?

Located 60 kilometres east from Pokhara, after you land from your flight to Pokhara, use any convenient means of transportation to reach Gorkha in under 3 hours./hillstation-of-nepal-buddha-air-travel

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