Traveling With Children

Traveling With Children

At Buddha Air, even young flyers are a priority. From infants to young passengers, we ensure that we give our best services to make their flights pleasant and safe.

We classify travelling with children under the following categories:
•    An infant passenger younger than 7 days old.
•    An infant passenger above 7 days and below 2 years old.
•    A child passenger is aged between 2 years to under 12 years old.
•    A child passenger who is between 5 years to 12 years old can travel as an unaccompanied minor.
•    A young passenger is aged between 12 to 16 years old.

Flying With Infant

Infants are classified as above 7 days old and below 2 years of age. An infant passenger cannot, under any circumstances travel alone. Infant fare is applicable for the passenger(s) aged 7 days from birth to under 2 years. Only 10 % of the normal fare will be charged for infant.

The following conditions must be fulfilled for infant passenger:
•    An infant passenger must always be accompanied by an adult. The adult can be the parents/guardians/relatives or even a friend who acts as an escort.
•    A passenger with an infant cannot be allocated an emergency exit row seat due to safety standards.
•    An adult is not allowed to carry two infants unless the second infant is accompanied by another adult.
•    Passengers 
travelling with an infant are assigned certain areas on an aircraft, which allows for ease of mobility during an emergency.
•    Infant seating is restricted to one per row.

Please note infants below 7 days old are not permitted to travel on our domestic and international routes. However, should an emergency arise where life-saving treatment is necessary, the mother may be permitted to fly with the newborn baby, provided the newborn is certified fit-to-fly by an authorized pediatrician.

Flying With Children

A child passenger is a minor aged between 2 to under12 years of age, i.e. the passenger has reached his/her 2nd birthday, but has not reached his/her 12th birthday. 33% of the normal adult fare is discounted for child passenger. A child passenger should be accompanied by an adult passenger, i.e, parents, guardians, relatives, etc.

Flying With Young Passenger
A young passenger is a person aged between 12 to 16 years of age, travelling alone on a confirmed ticket. We assume that young passengers can travel alone, but we can provide assistance if there is a request at the time of booking. If need be, you can also request for unaccompanied minor assistance for young passengers.