Medical Information

Medical Information

  • While inoculations, immunizations and vaccinations are not officially required, it is highly recommended, especially for Hepatitis A, typhoid and meningitis. You also need to keep updated with tetanus, polio, measles and mumps. Please consult your doctor before you plan to travel to Nepal. It is best to protect yourself properly, so you have a safe travel.
  • We advise you to bring the required medicines that you need for your journey. These medicines must be kept in your hand carry for easy access so that it can be taken when required properly.
  • A medical certificate is required for pregnant women beyond 28 weeks of pregnancy.

If you require special assistance when you fly with us like a stretcher, oxygen cylinder etc. Please ensure that you have medical clearance from a registered doctor regarding your fitness to travel. Furthermore, the requirement of such special assistance must be informed to us beforehand so that we can arrange the necessary types of equipment.
Sick passengers are allowed to travel on our flight if they have proper documents and certificates from the treating doctor in a form and format that is accepted by us.

We will require certification from the treating doctor regarding the passengers'  fitness  to travel in the following cases:

  • Passengers who request for medical assistance (e.g. oxygen, doctor).
  • The passenger had suffered or is suffering from a recent illness/injury/surgery/hospitalization.
  • The passenger has a long-standing chronic illness where a special request has been made for carriage of medical equipment.
  • Passengers whose fitness to fly is in doubt.

The sick passenger must have a well-documented doctor's certificate in the registered doctor's letterhead. A personal care assistant must accompany the passenger. We will need an Indemnity Bond from the next of kin of the passenger or the personal care assistance against any liability related to the travel of the sick passenger.
Passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) with doubtful fitness to travel in our international sector are required to provide a Medical Information Form. (MEDIF).

The MEDIF is a form used to manage passengers with reduced mobility. It has two parts:

  1. An information sheet for passengers requiring special assistance.
  2. An information sheet for passengers requiring medical clearance.

A MEDIF is not required for passengers who have requested a wheelchair due to their age or inability to walk quickly.

A MEDIF/sick passenger is accepted by our Ground Operations on the strength of the properly filled MEDIF by the passenger's treating doctor who must be a Registered Medical Practitioner. A sample of the MEDIF can be found here.

The MEDIF must be completed based on the passenger's condition within 14 days from the date of air travel and submitted within 48 hours before travel is due to commence. We must be notified immediately of any change in the passenger's condition prior to travel. However, in cases with long-standing stable conditions, fitness certificates issued earlier or Frequent Traveller's Medical Card (FREMEC) is also accepted.

We have the right to consult the company doctor to verify a passenger's fitness to travel when we feel that the passenger's condition is life-threatening/critical/serious. The company doctor has the sole discretionary authority on the acceptance of PRM.
Our ground staff will inform the Cabin Crew In-Charge (CCIC) about the presence of any sick/MEDIF passenger. The CCIC will inform the commander/pilot in-charge.
If additional oxygen cylinders are required, our ground operation will coordinate with the Line Maintenance Officer, who is responsible to ensure that additional oxygen cylinders have to be uplifted in the specific flight.