Royal Club Terms and Conditions

Royal Club Terms and Conditions

Becoming a Member of the Royal Club

  • Royal Club membership is free of charge. The program is open to individuals over 12 years (only on domestic flights) and residents of Nepal and subject to local laws and regulations.
  • Legal entities and employees or managers of the airline, travel agencies or person or entity trading as a Tour Operator cannot participate in this program.
  • Any eligible person wishing to join the Royal Club must complete an individual Royal Club membership application.
  • All persons applying for membership of the program are deemed to have read and accepted the present General Terms And Conditions, which is provided with the application form or can be obtained through any of Buddha Air's offices on request.
  • On completion of the Royal Club application an individual will obtain a temporary membership card that is attached in the form. The temporary membership will be processed on submission of the application form at Buddha Air's check-in counter while flying to any of Buddha Air's destinations.
  • The permanent membership card will be provided no later than four weeks after the first flight on the temporary card. The permanent membership number will be the same as the temporary membership number; hence, there will be no change of account. Mileage points earned will be credited from the very first flight.
  • Any person whose membership application has been accepted by Buddha Air shall personally receive Royal Club documentation and shall be assigned an individual account and an individual membership number. The membership number will be required for any inquiry concerning the account.
  • Only one membership application of each person will be accepted.
  • Any change of address, name or other details that may be necessary must be notified in writing as soon as possible at any of Buddha Air's offices.
  • The member guarantees the correctness of all information given and shall be solely responsible for any erroneous, incomplete or out of date information.
  • Buddha Air reserves the right to refuse any membership to any person who does not meet the requirements for participation in the program.
  • Loss, theft or damage of the Royal Club card must be reported immediately to Buddha Air. This will allow application for a new card with a new account at a minimal cost of Rs. 100.If any member's two or more account found, account will be merged after charging a nominal amount or debiting certain points from his/her account.

Earning Mileage Points

  • For each flight, fully paid up and flown on Buddha Air, the member's account shall be credited with the mileage points (only on domestic flights) as shown in the document containing the application form.
  • Mileage will not be earned on tickets not used, refunded or expired.
  • Mileage points are not rewarded to the member when flights of the airline are cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the carrier.
  • Mileage points will not be earned in CLASS C, D and E tickets.

Redemption Opportunities

  • Flights: Fly free to any of Buddha Air's destinations, including mountain flights.
  • Gift Voucher (Shopping coupon): Convert your miles into Shopping coupon it's as good as cash.

Terms of Accrual

  • A personal account is opened for each member, to which mileage points acquired are credited. The account, and the mileage points acquired by the member concerned, cannot under any circumstances be transferred, bequeathed, assigned, sold or combined with the account of any other person.
  • Members need to present their membership card at the time of making reservations and during check-in at the airport to ensure crediting of mileage points. The member should ensure that the membership number appears on the ticket.
  • Members are advised to retain the boarding pass and ticket jacket of all flights until the credited miles are not reflected on the statement. Each member must verify personally that the mileage points that he or she has acquired have been duly credited to his or her personal account. If a member claims that mileage points have not been credited to the account in spite of adherence to the requirement to give the membership number, that member must send to Buddha Air all relevant evidence (copy of ticket, original boarding pass and membership number) within 6 months of the date of the flight. If the claim is warranted, the mileage points will then be credited with retroactive effect. Furthermore, Buddha Air reserves the right at any time all documentary evidence of the accumulation of mileage points.
  • Mileage points earned cannot be converted into cash. The provisions described hereinafter apply to individual members. Under no circumstance may members of the same family or same corporation accumulate mileage points on the same account.
  • Under no circumstances may miles be awarded to a member travelling on a non-revenue/award/discounted/rebated or free ticket. Under no circumstances may flights taken by the member prior to the date of commencement of his or her membership in the Royal Club program be credited to that member.
  • Mileage points are acquired exclusively when travelling with Buddha Air or as and when allocated under the terms of special agreements.
  • Buddha Air reserves the right to debit the account of any member who has acquired mileage points unduly but also reserves he right to award additional points under promotional campaigns of limited duration of which program members shall be notified accordingly.
  • Mileage points acquired during a given fiscal year (N) (from Shrawan 1 to Asadh 32) are valid up to Asadh 32 of year N+2 in the absence of provisions to the contrary notified to members.
  • The members' account can be credited only once for each flight flown.
  • Members can call to inquire about their account statement at Buddha Air's head office. Reports of any discrepancies must be made within four weeks of receipt of the statement.

Procedure for Redemption

  • When the member has accumulated a sufficient number of currently valid mileage points for entitlement to an award, he or she may request for a said award by completing and signing the detachable coupon accompanying the Royal Club account statement, in accordance with procedures governing the issuance of awards and bring it to the Buddha Air offices.
  • The awards may be in the form of free tickets, or other leisure and lifestyle awards. The details can be obtained firm any of Buddha Air' offices.
  • Other benefits of the Royal Club program include 5kg excess baggage allowance and discount with partner organizations.

Terms of Redemption


  • Statement of Mileage  account shall be provided on demand. Statement to the beneficiary of  mileage account  holder shall be provided only after  obtaining authority from the authorized signature.
  • The Airlines shall take due care to ensure that credit  and debit entries are correctly recorded in the  mileage accounts. In case of any  error, the airlines shall be within its right to make  the correct  adjusting  entries  without notice  and recover  any points  due  from the  accountholder.
  • For the redemption facilities  Mileage account Holder(RC Member) should   present  at Buddha Air’ Sales  Office by  completing  and signing the redemption form  . In the absence of  RC Member, Redemption tickets  will be issued only after obtaining  written consent authority from the  authorized signature.
  • Any award application should be forwarded to Buddha Air before the end of their validity period. Members need to present their membership card during issuance of the award ticket or award certificate.
  • Mileage points required for the award are debited to the member's account in accordance with the scale in force at the date of the request, beginning with the points earliest in date. However, internal difficulties may result in late debits to accounts.
  • Depending on the award, tickets, award certificates, or other documents of similar types, are issued and forwarded to the member's address or personally to the member visit Buddha Air's head Office. Buddha Air cannot under any circumstance be held liable for delays in delivery, including delays due to an incorrect address given by the member, or the loss or destruction of any award attributable to the postal services or any other carrier.
  • Reservations for an award ticket needs to be made directly through the airline. The award form should be submitted at last four days before the intended date of redemption.
  • Open dated award tickets cannot be issued.
  • Reservations are compulsory for awards of partner organizations before the issuance of the awarded certificate stating the bookings relate to Royal Club program.
  • The redemption application forms need to be submitted to Buddha Air's office between 9AM-5PM. The office will not entertain requests on other times or on public and corporate holidays.
  • Once the award ticket has been issued, changes are permitted to be made on the time and date of the flight if made during the period of validity of the ticket and which entails no extra cost. However, once the ticket has been issued, no change of destinations will be accepted. Cancellation of the flight will require a new booking to be made.
  • Once an award certificate has been issued for a leisure award, changes will need to comply with the rules and requirements of the partner organization.
  • Awards are valid for a period of four months from the date of issuance of the award with the exception of awards covered special and promotional schemes.
  • The accumulation of mileage points and the issuance of awards are subject to the rules of the Buddha Air Royal Club Program.
  • It is the responsibility of each member to ascertain and familiarize himself/herself with those rules in order to be fully aware of his of her rights and duties.
  • Award Certificates and tickets are non-transferable and indivisible, and under no circumstance may awards and award certificates be awarded retroactively, acquire any exchange or refund value, or be reimbursed or exchanged, transferred, sold or exchanged for valuable consideration in any manner whatsoever, or replaced in the event of loss, theft, destruction, or part use.
  • The beneficiary of any award bears sole responsibility for payment of taxes or dues arising from awards granted under the scheme. The beneficiary is also responsible for any required notification to the relevant authorities regarding receipt of such awards. In this connection, the member shall be liable for payment of all security or airport taxes irrespective of the identity of the beneficiary of the award.
  • Cancellation of the award ticket has to be effected at least 24hrs before the flight to re-earn the mileage points debited due to redemption. In case the cancellation is done within 24hrs, 33% of the points will be cut from the points debited due to redemption.
  • In case of a no show on an award ticket, the mileage points debited due to redemption will not be re-credited to the account of the member.
  • A member is entitled to apply for an award. This award can be transferred to his/her spouse or a family member. A member must include two such names and relation to member in the application form. The awards can only be transferred to the previously indicated persons.
  • Buddha Air and its partners reserve the right to make changes to the conditions governing the granting of any award, in particular the number of mileage points required, and to cancel any award offer without notice and with immediate effect.
  • Award booking and application procedures may be modified at any time by Buddha Air. Only currently valid mileage points credited on the member's latest statement will be used to determine the member's account position.

General Terms

  • Awards granted by Buddha Air and partner organizations are valid up to the limit set by the space available. Gifts/merchandise and awards are subject to availability/modifications etc. Buddha Air accepts no liability in the event of a non-availability or impossibility.
  • Buddha Air and partner organizations reserve the right to prohibit or to restrict the possibility of use of awards during specific periods and/or certain flights, of certain gifts and merchandise.
  • Buddha Air reserves the right to cancel the participation of any partner in this program, giving notice of 1 month to members.
  • In the event of cancellation of the participation of one or more partners in the Royal Club program award certificates issued before the date of cancellation may still be used until the expiry of their validity.
  • Buddha Air may expand its Royal Club Program by including additional partners. The airlines shall inform its members accordingly as to such new inclusions and the conditions set by the new partners concerned.
  • Membership is not open to companies, partnerships,unincorporated associatons or such other entities.
  • Application will not be considered for enrollment, if found incomplete in any manner or if any of the details provided at the time of enrollment are found to be incorrect.
  • Buddha Air reserves the right to alter or amend at any time the membership terms and conditions, the awards, award scales or other mileage procedures described in the program document.
  • The Royal Club terms and conditions may be amended or withdrawn, if necessary, to comply with applicable statutory laws and regulations. In case of any dispute or misunderstanding, the decision of Buddha Air will be final and binding.