Royal Club Platinum

Royal Club Platinum

Royal Club platinum frequent flyer program

Royal Club Platinum is an upgrade of the current Royal Club membership plan. This exclusive group of members will receive more benefits than regular Royal Club members.

Upgrade Criteria

  • Royal Club members will be eligible to upgrade to Royal Club Platinum if they have 7500 or more miles in their account.
  • A brand new card with a different color scheme will be issued to them. This will clearly differentiate Platinum cardholders from normal members.
  • After the expiry of Platinum membership, members can continue flying using their original membership card (Gold), without the hassle of registering again. The card number will remain the same throughout. If members have misplaced the old card, the Royal Club office should be immediately informed, whereby a new one will be issued for a nominal sum.
  • To renew the PLATINUM membership, a member has to earn minimum 7000 mileage during the PLATINUM membership period or in case of expiry of Platinum membership , a member can recover Platinum status if s/he has a minimum balance of 7000 miles in the account too .

Added Benefits

  • You can fly free to qualifying destinations
  • You will be accorded preferential seat status, which means that a certain quota of seats will be kept in reserve for Platinum members on every destination every day. These seats will be kept in reserve up to 24 hours before the flight. The tickets for these seats are not transferable. Once reserved by a Platinum member, the ticket will only be issued in his/her name. Upon cancellation or no show, the seat will be allocated to the first passenger on the waiting list.
  • Go on holidays to various resorts and hotels.
  • Receive cash vouchers at a preferential rate of 1: 0.9 and go on a massive shopping spree.
  • You will also be accorded preferential services and extra baggage allowance up to 5 Kg extra if the issued ticket is refundable. 
  • Quicker check-in at airport counters through a special line for Platinum members.
  • Platinum members can also avail 10% extra mileage on scheduled flight.
  • Fantastic discounts at more than 100 outlets all over Nepal that includes shops, department stores, restaurants, health-clubs, hotels and others.
  • Platinum members with Y class ticket can cancel the flight on the same date with informing at Kathmandu Airport up to 3 working hours before the flight without being charged any cancellation charge.


Service Area
Royal Club
Royal Club Platinum
Validity Permanent 2 Years
Reserved Seat Quota No 2*
Cash Voucher Rate 1:08 1:09
Extra Baggage Allowance 5 KG 10 KG
Airport Counter Check-in Normal Special
Cancellation Normal Upto 3 Hours**

* Two seats on each sector are reserved up to 24 hours prior to the flight time.
** Cancellation up to 3 working hours before flight time will be entertained.
*** Full refund applicable in normal fare ticket only.