Royal Club Diamond

Royal Club Diamond

Royal Club Diamond frequent flyer program

Royal Club-Diamond is an upgrade and highest level of our Royal Club-Frequent Flier program. This most valuable flier will receive more facilities above the GOLD and PLATINUM members. Members will enjoy a world of benefits designed to make your travel experience more enjoyable when traveling with Buddha Air.

Upgrade Criteria:

  • Any member will be eligible for upgrade to Royal Club-DIAMOND if he/she   has earned more than 100000 miles (redeemed +unredeemed).
  • A brand new card with different color scheme (black) will be issued.
  • Diamond card will be issued only, on the claim by eligible member.
  • Diamond card has no expiry date, but Diamond members must have mileage earning or redeeming activity at least once every 24 months in order to retain their Diamond status. If account has no qualifying activity in any 24-months period, Diamond status will expire. On the expiry of DIAMOND membership, members can claim GOLD or PLATINUM (for the platinum status, balance mileage should be at least 7000 points) as their balance mileage.
  • For any flight on which Members are a confirmed passenger, standby priority at the airport will be Diamond members first, platinum members next and, then other passengers.
  • Passengers must have Mileage card (Diamond) available at all times during travel to avail the given facilities at the airport.
  • Buddha Air may, in its discretion, change the Royal Club-Diamond program rules, regulations, travel awards and special offers at any time with or without notice.
  • Buddha Air reserves the right to end the Diamond program with six months' notice.
  • Buddha Air may, among other things, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any offered services to all destinations or on all flights.
  • Redemption tickets strictly prohibited for sale.

Added Benefits:

  • Enjoy a fast and convenient airport experience with priority check-in, security lanes in selected airports.
  • Diamond members will not be charged a cancellation charges even if they cancel their flight of the same day by informing Buddha Air’ airport office before the departure time. This will be applicable on NORMAL (Y class) ticket only.
  • Members will be accorded priority in check out.
  • Members checked bags will be tagged as priority.
  • Redemption of mileage tickets is not restricted. But not more than 5 tickets can avail in a single flight.