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Buddha Air : Press Release

We proudly announce the launching of our e-ticketing system to our valued customers.

To get above facility you must be a member of esewa account, so please log on to https// to become a member which is free of cost.

Once you become member of esewa, your separate account shall be created with initial balance of zero amount. You can increase your balance amount through recharge card from esewa or transferring amount online from following listed partner banks. You can also withdraw amount from your esewa account to partner banks online. There is no need to deposit your amount for a longer period of time in your esewa account.

You can purchase our e-ticket in following ways;

  • If you have sufficient balance amount with esewa, you can directly purchase it.
  • If you do not want to deposit amount with esewa then you can make online payments from Bank of Asia and Global Bank which is very secure and reliable.
  • You can online transfer amount to your esewa account from Laxmi Bank, Kumari Bank and Citizen Bank and purchase it.

One copy of e-ticket will automatically sent in to your email address after you purchase it and you can also save the ticket in your computer at the time of purchase. You can also purchase e-tickets in the name of your loved ones and send e-ticket to them through mail.

We are in a process of negotiation with other banks as well and it will be listed in esewa account as soon as the negotiation is finalized.

Our esewa members will get certain promotional discounts in every class of ticket in every destination.

- 28 May 2010 

Flight Delay

With the onset of winter, it is quite natural that flights are delayed or cancelled due to poor visibility. Owing to the poor visibility problem, it is difficult to predict when the first flight takes place. We are extremely sorry for the delay. Buddha Air has tried to counter the problem by launching its first flight relatively late in the morning and with sufficient time gaps between flights. However, sometimes fog stays for up to 11 a.m. in Kathmandu. Similar is the situation in the Terai. Cold waves across the southern plains of Nepal during winter seasons lead to extreme flight delays and even cancellations.

With the proliferation of airlines, the number of flights has gone up at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). And while the number of flights went up over the years, the size of the airport did not. This has congested the airport. If not addressed immediately, the situation will only deteriorate in the future. The problem is aggravated by an increasing number of VIP flights to and from TIA.

We are extremely sorry and apologize to our valued passengers for flight delays, which is in fact not a fault of ours.

The first criterion for a profitable airline operation is to utilize all available aircrafts to their maximum. But we are not in a position to add extra aircrafts to compensate delays during the short foggy season -- that usually lasts three months. The problem of flight delay has been aggravated this year due to the above-mentioned reasons, but Buddha Air is trying its best to counter it.

- 31 Dec, 2010


On May 25, 2010 Buddha Air successfully operated its test flight to Paro International Airport. This move has transformed Buddha Air itself, from a domestic carrier to an international carrier. BEECH 1900D was deployed for the flight from Kathmandu to Paro. The flight which took off at 9:30 in the morning landed after 1hr 15 minutes at Paro International Airport, which is situated at 55 km distance from capital city Thimpu. With this step, Buddha Air has placed itself as the fist Nepali Airline Company to commence flights to Bhutan.

Buddha Air is scheduled to begin commercial flights from Kathmandu to Paro from July 17. In the first phase, the airline will operate four flights a week- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Later, from September, the commercial flights will take off on daily basis.

Buddha Air will operate one charter and one commercial flight from October, which is the peak season for tourism in the Druk Kingdom. Besides, we will also operate extra chartered flights as well if the demand increases.

- 25 May 2010