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Public Safety Communiqué

Continuously strive to achieve WORLD CLASS SAFETY

Buddha Air has never compromised on safety issues throughout our last sixteen years of operations and has continuously endeavored to learn and implement new systems and procedures in this regard.

We have been working toward achieving World Class Safety Standards from the last two years and are in the process of conducting an Independent Operational Safety Audit in conformity with the best available international operational safety standards on May 12th to 16th, 2014 by ICF SH&E Safety, London, UK.

Safety Management System is the core procedure to monitor, identify, mitigate and upgrade our safety standards and Buddha Air has instituted and implemented this new Department.

We have started issuing Public Safety Communiqués through a dedicated page in our website related to safety concerns and its mitigation so that our valued passengers can understand our endeavors.

Buddha Air’s Public Safety Communiqué No. 1

Please email immediately your safety concern to the following email address if you feel, see or hear and think it is a Safety Hazard involving Buddha Air and/or our Flight Operations.

[email protected]

Buddha Air’s Public Safety Communiqué No. 2

Buddha Air’s Public Safety Communiqué No. 3