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International Operational Safety Audit

  1. Because of circumstances outside its control, Buddha could not undergo a formal IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and become registered as there are certain IOSA requirements which Buddha Air cannot comply with, through no fault of its own.
  2. Buddha Air still wishes to be measured against world airline safety standards and has signed an agreement with ICF SH&E, New York, USA, the Aviation Safety Consulting and Auditing Company to conduct an independent comprehensive Operational Safety Assessment (OSA) of the Buddha Air operation.
  3. The steps of this process are:
    1. An initial evaluation was conducted in July, 2012
    2. A Pre-Assessment was conducted in May, 2013
    3. The Assessment itself is planned to be conducted July, 2014
  4. The Assessment is to review the operator’s safety performance in the following operational areas:
    1. Organization and Management System
    2. Flight Operations
    3. Operational Control and Flight Dispatch
    4. Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance
    5. Cabin Operations
    6. Ground Handling Operations
    7. Cargo Operations
    8. Security Management

Safety Audits

Buddha Air successfully completed an AvMaSSI Operational Safety Audit program. The audit was carried by Aviation and Marine Safety Solutions (AvMaSSI) and completed on 15 April 2016. The audit comprised of a harmonized series of international best practices based on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annexes, to assess the safety status of all operational disciplines of Buddha Air.

AvMaSSI is an independent aviation consulting firm and a leading expert in safety and operational integrity consulting, evaluations and auditing. It is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) credited organization.

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Other Audits

  1. Recent audits of Buddha Air by various external Agencies
    1. In February , May and August 2012 by Airworthiness Inspection Division, CAA Nepal  with assistance from expert of SARI (South Asia Regional Initiative) / COSCAP ( Cooperation for Operational  Safety and Continuing  Airworthiness Program) prior to granting CAA Nepal NCAR 145 Approval for Buddha Air Maintenance Facility
    2. Safety Audit by Clear Sky Audits/Training, UK on behalf of Explore, Exodus & TUI Travel Group during 28th /29th April 2013
    3. Pre Assessment Audit by IATA Safety Auditors : ICF SH&E, New York during 21st to 23rd May 2013
    4. CAA Nepal Audit: 17th – 18th June 2013
    5. CAA Nepal Airworthiness Audit during SARI 145 implementation on 24th July 2013
    6. Revalidation of AOC as per new AOCR
    7. Maintenance & Operation Audit by PWC Singapore: 16th -19th September 2013
  2. Future audits of Buddha Air by various external Agencies
    1. Operational Safety Audit by ICF SH&E in September 2014