Safety Management System

Safety Management System

Safety Management System is part of an overall management system that focuses on achieving and maintaining the desired level of safety throughout the organization. Since 2012 Buddha Air has adopted a Safety Management System to achieve our organizational goals and objectives. Buddha Air has an integrated approach to safety and SMS is integrated into our everyday business.


  • To achieve the highest levels of safety standards and performance.
  • To identify hazards and address them accordingly through risk mitigation.
  • To provide a structured management approach to control safety risks in operations.
  • To look out and enhance the overall safety culture throughout the organization.

Safety Management System requires proper planning and implementation. In par with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements, we have incorporated 4 pillars of SMS. These pillars helps to implement safety in our organization:

  • Safety Policy and Objectives
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Safety Assurance
  • Safety Promotion

Buddha Air Safety Policies and Objectives are reviewed each year in the Management board meeting and are approved by the Accountable Executive. They include a commitment by the management for allocation of necessary resources to implement effective safety practices and standards and to ensure a safety culture throughout the company. And for effective implementation of SMS, endorsement for Just culture policy is also incorporated in the policy which has been communicated throughout the organization.
For effective functioning of SMS, the key elements are hazard identification, risk management, performance measurement
and quality/safety assurance.
Hazard identification is done through safety reporting and feedback systems. Several reports such as Voluntary Reports, Occurrence Reports, Air Safety Reports, etc. can be used for direct reporting by the concerned employees of the organization.
Safety Action Group (SAG) are the members who are experts in each and every department. The monthly meetings are carried out by SAG, also known as Safety Action Group Meetings. Their job is to investigate and mitigate
risk of identified hazards.
Buddha Air also conducts Safety Review Board (SRB) meeting which is attended by the Accountable Executive and Department Heads,
in every six months to discuss the overall safety performance of the organization.
For continuous improvement and assurance of
safety we conduct periodic internal audits, spot checks, inspections and safety surveys.

Safety Promotion

Safety Promotion is one of the four major components of the Buddha Air’s SMS. Buddha Air is committed to ensuring that all personnel are informed about the company safety policies and objectives, how well are those goals are being met, results of accident and incident investigations, new safety practices and other matters dealing with safety.
As part of the safety
promotion Buddha Air has provided Safety Awareness Class to all the employees for the effective implementation of the SMS throughout the organization by our in-house instructor who have successfully completed the Integrated Safety Management System course at Singapore Aviation Academy and train the trainer course.
Additionally, Buddha Air has provided IATA SMS Diploma course
to all of the Safety Action Group members who are responsible for implementation of Safety Management System in their respective Departments.
Periodic safety bulletins are published and circulated throughout the organization and beyond.