Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan

An Emergency Response Plan (ERP) provides specific steps for a company to take after an aircraft accident has occurred to protect business as well as employees. Having an ERP will help company and its staff be better prepared at a time when things may be at their worst.

We have developed Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to meet industry best practices and standards. The purpose of ERP is the coordination of all activities if it becomes necessary to respond to a major aircraft accident or other type of adverse event that results in fatalities, serious injuries, considerable damage and/or a significant disruption of operations.

Our ERP provides for:

  • A transition from normal to emergency operations;
  • A return to normal operations; and
  • Coordination with all relevant external organizations during the course of ERP execution.

An Emergency Response Committee comprising of high level team if Buddha Air has been formed under the chairmanship of Managing Director. It introduces Crisis Management Center (CMC)team members to the Company. It guides the ERP and CMC members to handle critical situations like handling media, assisting family members of the crew and passengers, internal investigations, out station emergency situations, etc.

Our priorities during emergencies are as follows:

  • Care of Passengers and their Families
  • Care of company Employees
  • Full cooperation with the regulatory and investigation authorities
  • Company Reputations
  • Commitment to investigations
  • Preventive measures for future operations
  • Continuity of Operations

We regularly trains ERP members and regularly carries out ERP drills every year to ensure that the ERP and CMC members are ready to operate in any real emergency situation.

We have an unwavering commitment to safety. However, operating in the aviation industry, we understand and acknowledge that incidents can occur. The chances of incidents might be rare, but we are prepared to deal with emergencies should there be any crisis. This is our professional and ethical responsibility.