Domestic Online Entry Form

According to the new travel regulation of Covid-19 Crisis Management Centre it is now requested for all passengers to fill the self-declaration form to ease contact tracing and avoid unnecessary gathering in the check-in counter during their travel. Please bring the issued barcode in a printed version or the screenshot as you will be asked to produce one at the check-in counter.


According to the new travel regulation of Covid-19 Crisis Management Centre (CCMC), all passengers now necessitates to fill a self-declaration form on the CCMC official website ( and requires to carry a printed version or the screenshot of the produced bar code that needs to be shown in the airport check-in counter during the travel. The main motive of the virtual Domestic Online Entry Form is to keep every traveler safe and help them avoid unnecessary physical contacts in the airport and maintain social distancing as far as possible.


How to Fill Domestic Travelers’ Form?

  • Use of Google Chrome or Firefox web browser while filling the form is suggested.
  • Click the link here.
  • You are required to fill in all the details, however, boxes with an asterisk mark are mandatory and must not be ignored.
  • Before submitting the form one is required to declare that all the given information is true.
  • After the submission of the form, a bar code with your name will be generated.
  • Travelers are requested to take a screenshot or print the bar code that has been generated as one needs to show them at the check-in counter in the airport.


We are confident that our valued passengers can rely on us, as we ensure that our safety and hygiene measures and delivered training are of the highest standard. Nevertheless, acknowledging the medical principles that no one is immune to diseases, we wholeheartedly request all our valued customers to follow our passengers' protocol.