Why Should You Go for a Mountain Flight in Nepal? 

Why Should You Go for a  Mountain Flight in Nepal? 

Flying amongst the clouds, with the Himalayas right beside you! Does this seem like the perfect way to start your mornings? 

With a mountain flight in Nepal, your mornings can be just that! 

Buddha Air’s Everest Experience mountain flight takes off early in the mornings from the domestic terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport. 

Once you’ve checked in for your flight, you’re assigned a guaranteed window seat so you can marvel at the mountains without any obstructions. 

The hour-long mountain flight will take you towards the highest peaks of the world like Lhotse, Cho-Oyu and of course, Everest. 

To help you identify the peaks, you will be given a small pamphlet. Our flight attendants will also help you to pick out and identify the mountains. 

You can get an even closer view of the majestic peaks when you enter the cockpit. Here, our pilots will let you take photos of Mt. Everest as well. 

It’s affordable compared to trekking 

Trekking the Everest Base Camp will cost you approximately $1,400. Compared to a mountain flight which will cost you less than $200. 

Furthermore, Buddha Air is offering a 33% discount on its Everest Experience mountain flight, which will only cost you $163. 

View from Buddha Air's Cockpit

Perfect if you’re short on time 

In under an hour, our Everest Experience mountain flight will take you to the mountains and back. You don’t even need a day to get up-close views of the Himalayas of Nepal. One hour is all it takes to get you close to Mount Everest. 

Great comfort 

While you’re soaring through the skies from the comfort on an aircraft seat, you get to take perfect shots of the mountains. 

There’s no hassle of carrying trekking gears, snacks, etc. A camera and a window seat are all you need for this amazing experience. 

A good alternative to trekking 

If health ailments or your age is preventing you from trekking, then mountain flights are the next best alternative. 

Trekking can be quite strenuous and you might even get high altitude sickness. Furthermore, trekking could take weeks to plan, from getting your trekking gear ready and taking scheduling trekking days. 

A mountain flight only takes an hour, and the only planning you need to do is waking up early to catch the flight. 

To get a glimpse of what the Everest Experience mountain flight will be like, you can check out our YouTube.

Reviews of Everest Experience Mountain Flight 

TripAdvisor user Ffitzkew writes, 

“This was a great flight to see the Himalayas and Mt Everest. If you are looking to enhance your experience this is a remarkable time. The key is to manage your expectations.

The weather is always changing. We had to wait 1.5 hours to board and lift off. That may be rather normal.

They book the window seats only on both sides of the plane. Outbound the Mts are on your left. The plane will turn left and the right side will see the mountains on the return trip.

You are given a map marking the mountains. The flight staff will help you identify the mountains.

You get a short visit to the cockpit, time to take a couple of photos only.

Understand you will still be a good distance from Everest. You will need to zoom in but the views were spectacular.

The plane is very comfortable and we cruised at 21000 ft.”  Click here

Another TripAdvisor user, Jacaydan writes,

“I flew Buddha Air during a scenic flight to view Mt Everest. Everyone in our group was allocated a window seat and we had the special privilege of being allowed to visit the cockpit; something I haven’t done since I was a kid, many years ago. The flight attendants were very knowledgeable and were able to point out the different mountains in the range. I recommend flying Buddha Air to view the mountain!” Click here.

Our Everest Experience mountain flight in Nepal is so popular that we’ve been awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for 3 consecutive years since 2017. As one of the safest airlines of Nepal, Buddha Air leaves no stone unturned to ensure passenger safety. 

It would truly be a missed opportunity if you came to the land of the Himalayas and did not go for a mountain flight. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to be humbled by the grandiose of the majestic peaks of Nepal. 

Book your mountain flight tickets with Buddha Air.