Travel Safety Operational Drill for Covid-19

On the 25th of June, Buddha Air conducted a mock drill in Tribhuvan International Airport for training crew members and staff on its new travel protocol against COVID-19. The core motive of launching such a mock drill was to educate and prepare staff members to get exposure to the new scene once the travel restrictions are removed post lockdown. Besides social distancing, performing the thermal check, weighing baggage, receiving boarding pass, and onboarding in the flight, our main concern was the actual drill to make sure assigned staff professionally implemented all the necessary procedures even in the chaos without any difficulties. 

Our staffs were provided with standard masks, gloves, and face shield, suggesting passengers to use hand sanitizers and maintain social distance. Besides our staff members, we also included the medical team, security staff, immigration officials, customs, police, and ambulance team who were pre-informed about the safety protocol and were actively participating in the drill as requested. Crew members of Buddha Air were seen suited with proper PPT, and onboarded passengers were provided with face shield and necessary coronavirus instructions.

At the end of the drill, an emergency evacuation was performed. A team member pretended to have a breathing difficulty to which our medical personnel responded immediately from the boarded aircraft and sent it to the hospital for further medical conduct. The entire drill was to validate the preparations to be taken at the airport while serving and categorizing passengers. After the airlines resume operations, there will be huge in and outflow of people who are now trapped due to lockdown. We ensure that our safety and hygiene measures are of the highest standard under the guidelines advised by WHO, IATA, and CAAN, along with our new protocol against COIVD-19.