Travel Safety during Pandemic: A message from the Managing Director of Buddha Air 

Buddha Air suspended its flight operations since 24 of March 2020 after the Government of Nepal declared coronavirus pandemic in Nepal. Since then, all flight operations are at halt except for rescue and cargo flights. Amid this unprecedented period, we would like to share a message from Buddha Air's Managing Director Birendra B. Basnet, in regards to passenger safety during the pandemic and significant changes and updates that Buddha Air has undertaken to fight against the unresting disease. 

In this long haul of lockdown, we patiently planned and implemented new ways to keep our fleet safe with a significant concern to provide passengers a sense of safety while flying. "Contemplating on the latest reports and trends regarding COVID-19 from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), Airline Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN), World Health Organization (WHO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) and all the necessary changes were introduced in the form of drills for an effective response from our staff members while dealing with passengers, routine cleanliness of our aircraft and airport premises to defy any chances of infections, especial training to ground handlers with a new protocol of disinfecting baggage and exposed areas." Managing Director Birendra B. Basnet

Our overall effort has always been the utmost priority to make our customers safe when they choose to fly with us. Listed are the highlights of our preparations for better safety. 

What are we doing for Your Utmost Safety during Pandemic? 

  • A mock drill is conducted at the airport regularly to help understand and better implement our protocol in a much effective way once the domestic flight operations resume.
  • Our frontliners are provided with standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to maintain safety and hygiene, including hand sanitizers and mask. We believe this will help in the overall protection of our passengers and staff as well. 
  • Contact tracing is essential, and a major concern during the pandemic, therefore necessary contact details of passengers and scan of IDs are now mandatory procedure.
  • Our aircraft, along with ramp buses, will be thoroughly cleaned using standard solutions, including critical areas like check-in counters, baggage areas, and airplanes, as suggested by WHO and CAAN. 
  • Sanitizers and Face Shields will be provided to our passengers with a mandatory body temperature check in the departure hall. However, our catering services and magazines are suspended for the time being. 
  • Besides implementing COVID-19 safety, our technical experts and engineer teams are also conducting regular aircraft maintenance at our hangar. 

Our Request to the Passengers 

In this unprecedented time, our protocols, drills, and practices to keep your journey safe will be futile if travelers and passengers fail to adhere to safety procedures. Hence, we request everyone to partake in this battle against the coronavirus by following our mandatory instructions.

  • Please provide your accurate information regarding passenger details when asked details like real name, email address, mobile numbers.
  • Learn about the terms and conditions before booking a ticket.  
  • A face mask is compulsory when visiting the airport and while onboarding in the aircraft. 
  • Hand carry is not allowed, except for one computer bag and a small handbag for female passengers.
  • Catering services, magazines, and the use of lavatories will not be available during the flight. 
  • Please maintain a safe distance while you are in the queue and avoid touching other passengers' baggage.
  • Ensure you do not have the symptoms of COVID-19 before booking a flight.
  • Boarding and disembarking the aircraft will be done in an orderly manner. So please be patient. 

Please visit our page for detailed information regarding Buddha Air COVID-19 Protocol and other necessary travel information.