Travel Regulations for Passengers

Travel Regulations for Passengers

Due to the COVID-19 impact and the threat of new variant a new travel regulation has been implemented for incoming and outgoing passengers from Nepal under the Infection Disease Act 2020 Clause 2 of Nepal Government. The regulation grips all passengers under the regulation to fit in the necessitated criteria to travel without bearing the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Conditions for Foreign Nationals Arriving in Nepal

Visa on arrival shall be granted to nationals of those countries who are entitled to visa on arrival to Nepal as per the prevalent law and who have taken complete dose/doses of COVID-19 vaccine/s. Above mentioned nationals shall apply for visa at the entry points of Immigration in Nepal with the following documents, beside other documents, 

  1. Evidence of completion of 14 days of period of COVID-19 vaccination.
  2. 72 hours COVID-19 Negative Report prior to check in at the Airlines Counter.
  3. Evidence of hotel booking is must.
  4. A copy of Expedition or Trekking Permit required if so included in travel plan.
  5. One can login to, to fill International Traveler Online Arrival Form  and print a copy of the same.

Similarly, for those who are Double Vaccinated and want to obtain Visa from Nepal Embassy in their respective country, Visa Application to the Nepal Embassy must include required documents and proof for Visa. Travelers who haven’t yet received the Double Vaccination, Visa must be obtained beforehand from the respective Nepal Embassy abroad or through Visa Recommendation through travel/ tour/ trekking agency in Nepal.

All foreign nationals entering Nepal must undergo Antigen Test at Nepal Immigration entry point. Those with Positive Antigen Test report shall be sent to isolation center or hospital as recommended by the Ministry of Health and Population. For those who are unable to undergo Antigen Test at the Nepal Immigration Entry Point, PCR Test or Antigen Test must be taken when in hotel, and the visitor shall be allowed movement from hotel only after RT PCR Negative.

Protocol to be Followed by Foreign Nationals After Entering Nepal

Foreign nationals without Double Vaccination Certificate are required to undergo 10 Days Quarantine at self-cost. Movement will be allowed after PCR Test and RT PCR Negative done on the 11th day. However, all expenses incurred for COVID-19 Test, isolation, insurance and all other related expenses shall be solely borne by the foreign national concerned. Foreign nationals in Nepal who develop symptoms of COVID-19 must undergo PCR Test immediately, and must stay in isolation if the report is positive. Similarly, visitors arriving through travel and trekking agencies, the concerned travel and trekking agency shall be responsible for ensuring that they adhere to the Government-recommended protocol alike hotels who shall also be responsible ensure that visitors adhere to the Government-recommended protocol. In case of any tourist or visitor violates the Government-recommended protocol, the concerned agency or hotel shall inform about the case to Nepal Police and the related authority immediately.

Conditions for Non-Resident Nepalese (NRN’s) Arriving or Returning to Nepal

Non-Residential Nepalese who have been fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 and completed their 14 days after being vaccinated and have been staying in foreign countries or travelling aboard need to present negative PCR report of 72 hours prior to checking-in / boarding off while returning to Nepal from foreign employment along with the printed copy of International Traveler Online Arrival Form posted in Travelers having no symptom of COVID-19 shall be allowed to enter Nepal without any restriction.

However, the Non-Resident Nepalese (NRN’s) and their families or Nepali citizen having marital relation with the foreign national while filling out the on-arrival form in the immigration shall be mandated to present the negative PCR report of 72 hours and International Traveler Online Arrival Form by downloading from the website. Travelers who are vaccinated and completed their 14 days of being vaccinated and have no any symptoms of COVID-19 are allowed to embark to their destination. Furthermore, those who haven’t completed their 14 days of being vaccinated shall be mandated to take Antigen test and shall be allowed to move if the report turns out to be negative.

In case of travelers who haven’t completed their 14 days following the vaccine against COVID-19 and have been travelling or residing in foreign countries or in foreign employment shall be mandated to present the negative PCR report of 72 hours and International Traveler Online Arrival Form for those embarking to Nepal from foreign countries. The form can be downloaded from . The travelers not completing the 14 days of vaccination shall be mandated to take Anti-gen test and are allowed to embark to their destination upon getting the negative report.

Nepal Entry through Land Route

A person with COVID-19 Negative report of within 72 hours should visit www. and fill up the International Traveler Online Arrival Form Prior to entry to Nepal a foreign country and keep its print copy. The Indian Citizens with such print copy shall be allowed to enter Nepal through land route. A person entering Nepal if found to have symptoms of Covid-19 he/she shall be only allowed to enter Nepal if Antigen test is Negative.

However, for citizens of other countries other than India, vaccination completed against Covid-19, COVID-19 Negative report of within 72 hours, a person with visa granted from Nepalese embassies or consulates in abroad and foreign citizens producing documents should be presented at the Immigration point with Negative Antigen test report may be allowed to enter Nepal through land route. If such test is unable to conduct at the immigration point, it should be conducted at the hotel where such person stays.

A foreign citizen who is eligible to receive On Arrival Visa as per the existing law and has completed the vaccination against Covid-19 and has a Covid-19 Negative test report of within 72 hours and can produce the documents for On Arrival Visa at the Immigration Point. Such person may be allowed to enter Nepal through land route after Negative Antigen test report.

Provision for Departure to Third Country from Nepal

A foreign citizen who wishes to transit in Nepal while visiting any third country shall be granted such permission. Any person who does not comply with this Order shall be prosecuted in accordance with the Infectious Diseases Act, 2020 and the prevailing law.

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