Training and Safety Enhancement with Flight Panel Trainer

Training and Safety Enhancement with Flight Panel Trainer

Buddha Air is considered as the safest domestic airlines in Nepal but we believe we are the most concerned one because when it comes to our passengers and crew members, we are more than a family. With that being said Buddha Air has now introduced ATR aircraft Flight Panel Trainer (FTP) for the first time in Nepal for our dedicated pilots and engineers to train more effectively and prepare for unfavorable situations caused due to uncertain technical glitches in the aircraft.

It is an aircraft training device that enhances training time and refines the learning process for pilots and maintenance personnel. Our main purpose to introduce a FTP is to help our dedicated pilots train, achieve and maintain proficiency in handling the airplane operation in the best way possible to mitigate the risk factor. It a technologically advanced system to train pilots in a cost-effective way and consist of multiple displays, control devices, an audio system for communications, and a computer system to process control inputs and record flight data.
With introduced ATR FTP in Buddha Air, the additional benefit we are assured over the traditional training process is as follows.

- Inexpensive compared to actual flying as it doesn’t require fuel, instructor fees, and insurance.

- Safe way to learn and gain experience with the aircraft controls and flight methods.

- Helps build knowledge and muscle memory that ultimately builds the confidence of pilots in panic situations.

- An affordable way to keep skills sharp and our passengers safe in the sky.

- Keeps crew members prepared for in-air emergencies and other erratic circumstances.

Besides trained pilots, the device is also equally helpful for novice pilots to experience flight environments and learn about aircraft technical errors without associating with any kind of risk and damage to property or one’s wellbeing. It is also rewarding technological assessment for the organization as it offers a training solution, saves crew time, fuel, and maintenance of the real aircraft.