Staff Protocols Introduced for Your Travel Safety

Staff Protocols Introduced for Your Travel Safety

We, at Buddha Air, have realized that flying during times of a pandemic can be perilous. However, with the resumption of the economy and the airlines' sector, we have full-fledged maintained hygiene and sanitation at every nook possible to reduce the potential spreading of infectious germs. The number of corona cases is sky-rocketing, and the well-being of our staffs working in different parts of the nation has become one of our primary concerns too. Their collective efforts of complying to the safety protocols and guidelines have enabled a pathway for safe travel of our passengers.

Alike for the passengers, it is also mandatory for staffs to follow the basics to properly wear a mask, maintain social distance inside and outside the office premises, maintain at least a physical distance of one-meter from one another and to apply alcohol-based hand sanitizers frequently. The staffs will strictly check and record the passenger's ID and contact information. The crew members must be cautious by maintaining at least one-meter distance with the baggage of the passengers as well.

Stringent thermal screening of every staff is conducted, and they must wear a hand sanitizer before entering the Buddha Air premises. If staff is found to be symptomatic towards the coronavirus or has any illness, s/he is advised to stay at home until fully recovered. During the pandemic, having an electronic ticket would undoubtedly be a better option. But if any passenger possesses a printed ticket, the staff must be extra cautious while handling the tickets. A glass shield is installed at the counters to avoid any possible transmission of germs, and the staff are advised to wear gloves while carrying out any activities. However, they must sanitize their hands, money and any other documents regularly.

Besides thermal inspection of the staffs, there will also be quarantine services and tests among the staff members if they show symptoms aligning to the COVID-19 virus. The staff members must avoid unnecessary communal involvement to reduce the risk of exposure and are suggested to carry home-packed foods or dine at the Buddha Air canteen only. Since the body temperature of every passenger is measured at the departure gate and many other procedures follow, the passenger must arrive at the airport 1.5 hours early. The cabin crew are advised to wear face masks, glasses and gloves at all times. The in-flight catering and magazine distribution has come to a halt for better safety for all crew and passengers. Nevertheless, water is provided upon request. The crew must inform on the restrictions to move and usage of the lavatory whilst inside the plane. The crew must also maintain distance with the passengers and their baggage for better safety.

At such unprecedented times, our health and the well-being of people around us must be our utmost priority. To ensure a safe environment, each one of us plays a significant collective role. Thus, we strongly advise our entire Buddha Air family to adhere to the safety protocols to ensure a safe flying experience. However, if any passenger or staff is found to violate the guidelines and the codes of conduct provided, immediately report to the concerned supervisor and strict actions shall be taken against him/her.

Our Safe PAAS to Travel is inclusive of the safety precautions we have been taking for our passengers, airport, aircraft and staffs, as a whole, to ensure a safe and convenient flying experience. Our battle against Covid-19 can be won when each one of us cooperates as today's safety ensures better well-being for tomorrow. Buddha Air looks forward to having you on board and to be your safe flying companion.