Importance of Shravan Month in Hindu Religion

Importance of Shravan Month in Hindu Religion

The month of Shrawan is the holiest month which is dedicated entirely to Lord Shiva in the Hindu culture.  As per Hindu calendar, it is the 5th month which lies in between July and August of English calendar. Shrawan is regarded as the auspicious month and also there is a strong belief that it is easier to impress Lord Shiva during this month.

The entire month is an extensive religious period. Many people perform Pujas around the temples of Lord Shiva and the devotees observe fast either for the entire month or at least on every Monday of the month. A common belief is that unmarried women observe fast to get a good life partner in the future and married women observe fast to get a long life of their husbands and family.

Worshipping of Lord Shiva in this particular month is associated with certain beliefs. One of the most popular belief is associated with Goddess Parvati. Before marriage, Goddess Parvati worshiped Lord Shiva during the entire month in order to please him to have him as her husband. Being pleased by the prayer of Parvati, Shiva fulfilled her wish.

A UNESCO listed world heritage site, Pashupatinath is the sacred temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. During the month of Shrawan, many people from Nepal and Hindus from other countries visit Pashupatinath to worship Lord Shiva. Among them, Indian nationals are observed to be travelling mostly to pay reverence to Lord Shiva in Pashupatinath.

Below chart is the flow of Indians traveling to Nepal in 2018 (month-wise).


The magnificent temple, Pashupatinath opens at 4 A.M. but the devotees are seemed to be queuing even before that especially on Monday. The overall environment and decorations is so appealing. Due to the massive crowd, devotees cannot even get chance to enter the temple, sad but true. The site of Pashupatinath is not only the temple of Lord Shiva, instead there are other temples of gods and goddesses. Every day the special Aarati is performed at the bank of Bagmati River, a must watch ceremony.

Varanasi has more value than the other cities of India while connecting with the Nepal from the religious aspects. Lord Vishwananth is also considered as one of the sacred temple of Lord Shiva located in Varanasi. It is said that Lord Pashupatinath and Lord Vishwananth are interlinked with respect of Hindu faith. Read The Spiritual Link Between Pashupatinath and Kashi Vishwanath Temple.


Kolkata city is also known for its outstanding religious atmosphere. It has various temples of Lord Shiva as the rich people of Kolkata must build Lord Shiva’s temple as per their custom. Kolkata is widely famous for Durga festival. Kalighat and Dakshineswar Kali Temple of Kolkata are the prominent temples dedicated to Goddess Kali (a fearful version of Durga). See Pilgrimage Destinations To Visit In Kolkata

As in month of Shrawan, Hindus travel to various temples of Lord Shiva in various parts of Nepal and India. Buddha Air offers flight to Vanarasi twice a week on every Monday and Friday. Likewise, Kolkata thrice a week on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Moreover, we also offer inbound and outbound travel packages through our subsidiary company, Buddha Holidays. Check Holiday Packages

Therefore one can easily get on board with us and visit Pashupatinath, Kashi Vishwananth and many Lord Shiva temples in Kolkata to please Lord Shiva in the auspicious occasion of Shrawan. “Travel safe with Buddha Air”.

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