How can Passengers Fly Safely during Pandemic?

How can Passengers Fly Safely during Pandemic?

We, at Buddha Air, have always been committed to providing our customers with the best service ever. Understanding the current scenario, we have been putting in extra efforts and adopting additional safety measures in every nook possible to fight against COVID-19. Creating a safe environment and maintaining good health of ourselves and the people around us has remained to be our topmost priority. Despite the pandemic, we understand the need and urgency of our passengers to travel. For that, we have introduced mandatory protocols to be followed by our valued passengers to ensure a safe, convenient flying experience.

Every passenger must follow the basic principles such as to properly wear a clean mask assuring of no gaps between the face and the mask. The passengers also must carry a pocket-sized alcohol-based hand sanitizer and often apply them when they touch documents, money, or even before they wear their face masks. They may wash their hands with soap and water or wear gloves too. One must refrain themselves from frequently touching their face, especially their mouth, eyes, and nose. 

The temperature of every passenger is measured before they check-in. If in case they are found to match symptoms with Covid-19, Acute Respiratory Syndrome, and Respiratory Ailments, they will not be allowed to proceed to the next stage and therefore, to board on the plane. A mandatory distance of at least 5 feet or 1 meter must be maintained by the people. Even while standing in a queue, they are advised to stand on the markers on the floor to avoid crowding and contact with each other. 

Understanding the current scenario, it would be better to book an online ticket and avoid unnecessary touching of items and documents. The passengers are requested to place their baggage at a distance from other’s baggage to avoid hassle and to maintain distance. However, the baggage trolleys are sprayed with disinfectants after every use. However, safety protocols have been practiced in every step, WHO has declared the elderly and people over the age of 70 to be more prone to the virus. Thus, extra care and protection must be taken. Wheelchairs have been made available for the elderly whereas, they are sprayed with disinfectants and sanitized after every use.

When the passengers need to proceed towards the ramp bus, a queue is again formed maintaining social distance. The ramp bus carries lesser passengers per trip as compared to before as social distance is kept inside the bus as well. After loading off the passengers, every item touched will be rubbed with disinfectants which includes all the knobs, handles, and seats. The entire ramp bus as a whole is sanitized and sprayed with disinfectants after every use. 

Since the lavatories in the planes are restricted to use due to safety concerns, lavatories in the airport premises may be used when the need arises. Full safety measures are taken at the airport, but passengers need to be self-cautious as well. While every passenger must present a self-declaration for traveling, it is also compulsory for the passengers to wear a face shield, provided by the crew, throughout the airplane ride. 

Our collective efforts will ensure a safe flying environment, and we have been doing our best at every step to ensure the same. Thus, we look forward to the cooperation of our passengers as well. However, passengers not adhering to the safety protocols and violating the instructed guidelines will be taken strict actions. Safety measures are taken today, promise well-being tomorrow, and we look forward to serving you soon.