How Can Medical and Special Needs Passengers Fly With Us?

How Can Medical and Special Needs Passengers Fly With Us?

Buddha Air has certain protocols for medical patients to board a flight to ensure complete safety and convenience. Our passenger's needs are our first priority. If one is suffering from a health condition, injury, or illness, special needs services are available for them to take the flight. 

Here is all the necessary information regarding the types of special care services and their procedure for a passenger who needs them.

For Mentally ill Patients:

A mentally ill patient is not allowed to travel alone. They need to be accompanied by a trusted person on the flight. The individual must be someone who can take care and handle the patient if they happen to interrupt other passengers on board or possibly disrupt the safety of air travel.

A doctor’s fit-to-fly proof is also required so it is approved that the patient is fit to take the flight with this particular special care.

For Patients With Contagious Diseases:

If the patient is suffering from a contagious disease, they are restricted from traveling to avoid any possibility of affecting other passengers on board.

However, if the disease has reached a point in treatment when they do not spread, and their doctor approves they are able to board the plane and fly, with a fit-to-fly certificate.

For Patients Requiring Oxygen:

If a patient requires a continuous oxygen supply, they can carry their own portable oxygen cylinder for up to 2.5 ft and 5 kg. They require a doctor's fit-to-fly certificate before boarding the flight. Buddha Air also carries certified oxygen cylinders to provide for any passengers in need.

If the condition is severe, they should be accompanied by a trusted and healthy companion who is aware of their condition and can help and support them throughout the journey.

The companion should also be aware of the oxygen level required by the special needs passenger and know how to use the cylinder in case of emergencies.

For Pregnant Women:

For the complete safety and convenience of a pregnant woman, Buddha Air has the following criteria regarding flying.

-    If a pregnant woman is boarding a flight, the cabin crew is informed, and she is offered a special seat with a crew member monitoring them at all times. The pilot is also made aware of it.

-    If a woman is under 28 weeks pregnant, they can board a flight with a doctor’s fit-to-fly certificate. However, she is required to physically book a ticket from the counter in order to look into their passenger profile to make sure that she is physically healthy to be able to board the flight.

-    A pregnant woman from 28 weeks to 36 weeks, carrying a single child in her womb, can board the flight with a fit-to-fly certificate.

  If a woman is carrying more than one child in her womb, she is allowed to board a flight until the 32nd week of pregnancy with a fit-to-fly certificate.

For Patients who need a Stretcher:

Buddha Air is the only domestic airline to provide stretcher services to patients who aren’t able to sit on the seats due to their health conditions or injuries.

Up to 2 stretchers can be placed in one aircraft. However, the patients must inform regarding the need for a stretcher 24 hours before the flight. In an emergency, they should inform the flight at least 3 to 4 hours prior.

After receiving the information, a stretcher has to be flown to the respective city from Kathmandu along with two technicians. The stretcher takes up 6 seats and takes about 45 minutes to fit into the seats. To complete all the procedures, a maximum time of 1 hour and 30 minutes is required.

If the passenger is critical, a fit-to-fly certificate is needed from the doctor. The condition of the patient is monitored at the check-in counter to make sure they are able to take the flight. The boarding pass is provided only if they pass. Wheelchairs and ramps are available as well.

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