GODAVARI | A Garden Paradise in Lalitpur

GODAVARI | A Garden Paradise in Lalitpur

‘Godavari’ is so named after its abundant gardens. Located in Lalitpur, Godavari (1500m) is a beautiful rural escape. The greenery, dazzles of the flowers and the birds chirping make this a romantic and preferred destination for couples.

Godavari holds both a natural and religious significance. Some places of religious importance here are the viceless pond, Naudhara (Nine taps), and temple. The natural beauty of Godavari include Botanical Gardens, river, jungle, hills and highlands, Panchadeval, Shantivan, Godavari Fish Farming and even St. Xavier’s School.flower-in-godavari-lalitpur

Godavari Botanical Garden was established in 2019 BS (Nepali Year) to preserve the endangered and local floras. It was inaugurated by the Late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah. Spread in around 210 acres of land, the yard is a home to 550 species conserved plants.

According to history, the yard was to be established in 3rd Ashadh 2018 BS. With the suggestion of foreign scientist, Dr. Harklet, numerous gardens were constructed. This resulted in the establishments of Community forest, Orchid House, Green House, Water garden, Rock Garden and Research Centre.

Various educational institutions bring the students to the Botanical Garden as an educational tour during winters. The place is also crowded by the gatherings, picnics and day out among friends and families. Beyond this, it is also a popular dating spot for young couples.

A huge statue of Gautam Buddha stands tall in Shantivan, Godavari. You will be filled with bliss and peace when you visit this place. The weather is always autumn-like in Godavri, with a cool breeze and soothing tempeflower-at-godavarirature. The garden is more visited during the summers. Godavari is also the entry point to Pulchowki (2800m), which is the tallest hill in Kathmandu. You can reach Phulchowki by hiking, biking or driving.

You will need to buy a ticket to tour the botanical gardens. There are restaurants and cafes around the garden. You can also find dozens of hotels, restaurants and resorts in and around Godavari. You can get accommodation here as per your budget.

The road from Lagankhel, Lalitpur is a perfectly smooth drive up to Godavari. There are local buses and micro bus services to Godavari from Lagankhel. For those who own private vehicles, driving up to Godavari is easy and comfortable.