COVID-19 Survey among In-flight Passenger

COVID-19 Survey among In-flight Passenger

A recent survey launched from 8th to 12th July by Buddha Air since the reoperation of domestic flights after the nationwide lockdown has interesting outcomes regarding COVID-19 and the number of inflight passengers. With 24,093 total participants who took our flight to 15 different destinations were requested to volunteer the survey providing information about their status of vaccination and overall health during their travel with us.

According to the survey completed among 24,093 passengers, the very outcome showed that around 60% of the passengers were awaiting vaccine on the assigned date. Similarly, among 9,668 passengers, 27.5% received their first dose of vaccine, whereas, 72.5% were fully vaccinated.

However, the increase in the number of vaccinated passengers is expected to grow gradually as the vaccination process continues in all parts of Nepal. The survey also points out that 14,135 people among the total participants were never infected by the virus that makes 98% of entire participants marking the remaining 2% successfully recovered from the disease that can be considered as immune after infection.

On the behalf of Buddha Air, all its staff is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and providing their best services to make domestic travel even much safer and ease. 

However, the new survey report collected from 8th to 26th July among participants of more than 80,000 passengers showed that 34,067 passengers were vaccinated (42.39%), where 23.25% received the first dose, and 76.75% received their second dose. Similarly, 46,290 or 57.61% of passengers were not vaccinated. Furthermore, 45,571 passengers, or 98.45% were non-infected, and 719 or 1.55% were recovered. 

The main objective of this survey was to keep safety among our passengers and stop the rapid transmission of COVID-19 throughout the nation. Our survey covers the time frame of around two weeks and is prepared using the provided data from all the operational stations of Buddha Air.