COVID-19 Safety Training and Preparation for Frontline Staff

After an announcement from the Government of Nepal regarding the recommence of domestic and international flight Buddha Air is once again eager to soar in the sky with its valued passengers from the 17th of August 2020. However, the rapid increment in the coronavirus cases nationwide is our major concern towards the safety of our passengers, staff and crew members. therefore to keep our fleet and flights more secure we have launched effective protocols and various programs to train our staff to maintain the maximum safety possible. 

We have introduced a new travel safety protocol under the guidelines of IATA, CAAN, and WHO that is mandatory for everyone for making a safe travel. Similarly, we have launched a safety drill in the airport with participants of almost two hundred staff to help understand the actual task that they will be dealing with once the flights get resumed. Our drills were launched periodically to keep frontline officers and staff updated and ready to deal with the actual scenario without any hassle. Travel safety is possible only if all the staff working in the airport, office premises, and hangar adhere to our protocol including the passengers.

Hence, the necessity of proper course, lectures, and training was prepared and provided to staff throughout the lockdown to keep everyone reorganized for the new travel scenario. Our protocol and training were categorized according to the assigned duties and all the minute details were examined to make sure our training is effective enough to keep everyone safe.