COVID – 19 and its Stages to Pandemic

COVID – 19 and its Stages to Pandemic

Nepal is not free from the pandemic effect of COVID-19. With 5 active cases and zero mortality, the entire nation is struggling to avoid the misfortune that the world has witnessed. In this critical situation, the best practice is exercising proper lockdown and raising awareness about COVID-19’s cause and effects.

Coronavirus was first reported in December 2019 and since then we have witnessed enough and informed amply to stop the outbreak in Nepal. With all the report at least we can now characterize coronavirus in four different phases.

Phase I – COVID-19 traced among those people who are either foreigners or persons residing abroad. 

Phase II – COVID-19 traced among relatives and kin of victims. It also involves people who were in direct contact with the infected ones. 

Phase III – Are among those people who avoided travel or any circumstances of firsthand contact with the infected person. 

Phase IV – Pandemic 

Status of COVID-19 in China, Italy, India, and Nepal

With all the data and with the news reference we can say 

China and Italy can be listed in the fourth phase.

India in the third phase.

And Nepal still in phase one.


China - COVID-19 was never traced in humans in the past, hence, it took 3 weeks for China to discover the actual cause and prepare for its devastating effect. While China was planning for the best caution the infection was also growing rapidly in public. We can say that it was one single reason for China to face such a devastating state that it crossed the third phase just in a blink of an eye. 

Italy – Italy recently surrendered over COVID-19 because it relied on the false assumption that the disease would never surpass Asia. However, when the disease was traced in Europe, the Italian government suggested cautions to its citizens but neglected by the public because they considered it as the normal flu. Consequently, Italy being efficient and equipped yet failed to bear the impact of this outbreak. We can consider Italy to be in the fourth phase. 

India – India has seen the devastating effect of coronavirus and is fully prepared to operate against but due to lack of proper guidance and obedience among citizens it is slowly losing its grip and therefore the prime minister of India imposed severe lockdown of 21 days recently. We can consider India to be in the third stage of this pandemic. 

Nepal – Like India even Nepal is aware of COVID-19 and its effect. However, with 5 active cases and zero mortality, we can consider ourselves in the first phase. The right method of precaution against coronavirus is compliance with the government rules of strict lockdown which can easily help us stay safe from this pandemic. 

Present State of China and Italy – China and Italy that recently faced the fourth phase of this pandemic effect is in a feeble state and can be considered as the worst nightmare. Whereas India is slowly progressing towards the same nightmare if the awareness among its citizens and imposed lockdowns aren’t followed precisely. 

Pandemic Analysis – Nepal cannot be considered safe although it is enduring in the first stage the good thing is we can fight back well if necessary precautions are taken and guidelines followed well. In case of losing our grip, we can be in the worst situation unimaginable. 

Conclusion – 

  • Obey the imposed regulation of lockdown by the Nepal government.
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene 
  • Proper use of the mask. 
  • Avoiding crowds
  • Contacting medical officers in case of any sign of corona 
  • Stay informed and educate others.