Coronavirus Safety Majors at the Airport

Coronavirus Safety Majors at the Airport

We, at Buddha Air, understand your need and urgency to travel. To offer you a great flying experience as a whole has always remained our motto and understanding the current scenario, we are putting on extra efforts in every nook possible to ensure a safe, convenient flying experience.  At times like this, proper sanitation and good health is our priority. For that, we have been taking significant precautionary steps at the airport from the initial phase to the final.

Every passenger must wear a mask and maintain social distance with other people at every stance. We have also added glass shields to our counters to avoid any possibility of infections. Sanitizer stalls have been installed at various ports, and the people are advised to sanitize their hands very often after touching any document, doorknobs, money, and so forth. While standing in a queue, passengers are strictly advised to stand, one meter apart from each other, in the marked areas while checking-in. The temperature of each and every passenger is measured before they proceed to the next stage. However, if any passenger shows symptoms of the virus, Acute Respiratory Syndrome, and respiratory ailments, s/he shall not be permitted to proceed to the next stage and to get on board of the plane.

The baggage trolleys are disinfected at least twice within a day, and the baggage is placed with adequate spacing to avoid crowding. People are also advised to follow the markers marked on the floor while collecting their respective luggage in order to maintain social distance and to avoid the hassle. Passengers are not allowed to use the lavatories inside the plane. Thus, they must use the lavatories inside the airport premises when in need. The entire airport is kept clean at all times and is disinfected for better sterility. Speaking for the motion, frequently touched items such as railings, doorknobs, flush knobs, taps, handles are also sanitized every 30 minutes.  

Full precautions are taken in the check-in counters, and a final security check of the passengers is conducted before they proceed to the waiting room. Every item touched is rubbed with disinfectants. And when it is time to proceed towards the ramp bus, a queue is again formed maintaining social distance. The ramp bus carries fewer passengers per trip as compared to before as social distance is held inside the bus as well. After loading the passengers off the ramp bus, the bus is disinfected before it picks up the remaining passengers from the airport. The knobs handle, and the entire ramp bus as a whole are sanitized and sprayed with disinfectants after every use.

The counters will be closed 15 minutes before boarding, so the passengers are requested to report at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before flight time. No-shows will not be entertained, and such passengers will not be adjusted in other flights. Safety measures taken today promises well-being tomorrow. So, we have been adopting and practicing a variety of safety protocols to ensure the safety of our passengers and look forward to people complying with our guidelines as well. The team at Buddha Air, will, however, be compelled to take intense action against people violating the policies. We look forward to serving you again. Thank you!