Buddha Air - Largest Aircraft Fleet in Nepal

Buddha Air - Largest Aircraft Fleet in Nepal

Buddha Air, a household name in the Nepali aviation sector with 23 years of service and a brand known for "Utmost Safety" is the Nepalese sky now owns 14 aircraft in its fleet. Being one of the largest fleets in the domestic airlines of Nepal will be adding one more aircraft in a couple of months. So what is the fuzz all about to the passengers of Buddha Air?

Well, in the competitive market of the aviation industry of Nepal earning more aircraft in the fleet increases the number of flights to passenger's destination enabling the wide option to book flights at a preferred time with zero hassle.


Furthermore, the risk of flight cancelation and delay will also be reduced considerably as the standby aircraft can replace former aircraft in case of any technical issue or emergency maintenance.  We believe this can be the best way to offer reliability and certainty along with safety that has been our motto since our establishment.  

We are confident that being the largest fleet nationwide can minimize the hassle that passengers have been facing during all these years and a new ATR aircraft will certainly add more to overall ease and safety.