An ode to Birds - Earth’s Feathery Companions

An ode to Birds - Earth’s Feathery Companions

When I started bird photography five years ago, I did not expect to find diversity in bird species to this extent. Their diversity and interesting lifestyle motivated me to pursue this genre of photography. 

In Nepal, there are about 888 species of birds. This includes migratory birds too. Finding a large species in a small country like Nepal is fascinating, but it should not come as a surprise, considering the geographical diversity of the country. 

About 153 species of the birds in Nepal are winter migrants. There are also about 82 species that end up in Nepal while migrating to India, while others land due to some emergency. These birds generally come from Siberia, Mongolia, Korea as well as Tibet to escape the numbing cold. 

The main shelters for these birds are at Taudaha, Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Jagdishpur Lake, etc. The Ruddy Shelduck that was abundantly seen in the past, are only seen sparsely now. However, you can still birdwatch them in abundance at Chitwan or Koshi Tappu. At Taudaha, you’ll watch the Cormorant plunge into the water and dive straight in for a fish that’s larger than its neck. The Bar Headed Goose, famous for its lengthy and high altitude flight is found at Chitwan, Koshi Tappu and Narayani Rivers in winter. These geese fly from India and Nepal, flying at heights greater than that of Mt. Everest. 

You can find a few representatives of the aforementioned species in this photo feature. Instead of just mugging these numbers, we should start exploring and experiencing the lifestyle of these birds. We should understand our place in nature when we learn to do so and get rid of the belief that we are the intelligent and superior beings in the ecosystem.