Grilled Chicken Salad
Be it just food or the plate setting, the entire combination never fails to impress. Grilled Chicken Salad is rated as one of the top 10 must-try foods in Nepal by Tibet Vista. A perfectly cooked boneless and skinless chicken breasts with the vermicelli, fresh lime juice, fish sauce, Boston lettuce, bean sprouts, pepper and vegetable oil, Grilled Chicken Salad is rich in taste and as healthy as it sounds. It can be best served as a dessert with fresh mint juice. The taste is refreshing and a treat to the first-timers. 

It wouldn’t be overestimating if I say, Grilled Chicken Salad is one of the best foods I have had in a long time”- Reviewed a Nepali customer who tasted the delight for the first time. 

However, the ideal blend of sweet and sour flavor is best-suited foodies who look for both spices and sweetness in their plate. 

Chicken Pho
A Vietnamese dish nobody can resist. Chicken Pho is the clear soup is made with fresh herbs, fish sauce and chilly. A unique combination of chicken garlic onion and thin rice noodles, it is a light and healthy food in Vietnamese cuisine. Served with fresh bean sprouts, the artistic design adds to the ingredients of the dish

Customer’s Verdict:
“I especially recommend their Chicken Pho, a highly satisfying chicken noodle soup and the barbecued spare ribs, which are melt in the mouth delicious.”- Source/TripAdvisor.
“It is my favorite dish so far at Saigon Pho. Though the original look might give a plain image at first, it has a pleasant taste when eaten with peanut or hot sauce.” – Source/Customer
For people who prefer spicy food, you might love the pho with hot sauce presented with the dish or the chilly and vinegar pickle on the table. It is finger-licking delicious. Meanwhile, for the ones who go for non-spicy food, the original look with peanut sauce would best suit your personality

Concluding Review
I love the artistic design and serene taste of the Chicken Pho and Grilled Chicken Salad. I can come here anytime for relaxation and try out the flavorful dishes to make my day.