Towards Inner Peace: A Guide to Meditation Centers in Kathmandu

Towards Inner Peace: A Guide to Meditation Centers in Kathmandu

Nepal is slowly getting popular as a destination for meditation and yoga retreats. As a country where Buddhism and /Towards inner peace a yoga session article featured at yatra magazine.pngHinduism have coexisted in harmony for centuries, it is only natural for meditation and yoga to develop with time. Nepal has always been famous for being the choice of various Hindu and Buddhist gurus and yogis like Nagarjung and Yogi Narharinath. Today, many foreigners visit various Buddhist Gompas, monasteries and meditation centers to learn the meditation. Following are few famous centers around Kathmandu.

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Nepal Vipassana CenterTowards-inner-peace-a-yoga-session-article-featured-at-yatra-magazine

Vipassana Meditation is one of the popular practices of meditation in and out of Nepal. Founded in April of 1981, the Dhamma Shringa Center, also known as Nepal Meditation Center is located in Budhanilkantha, towards the northern area of Kathmandu. Another center run by the same group is Dhamma Kitti, Kirtipur Vipassana Center in Kirtipur. Both the centers provide various courses lasting from one day to ten day courses.

Contact: City office at Jyoti Bhawan in Kantipath


Kopan Monastery

Kopan Monastery was started by Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche as a place for study and meditation for their Sangha as well as foreign students. The monastery provides courses ranging from introductory meditation practice to one month intensive courses based on the teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha. It also provides private and group retreats as well as 90 minute talks on Buddhist meditation and principles daily. The monastery is located in Kopan Hill, towards the north of Kathmandu.

Contact: +977-01-4821268,

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Osho Tapoban

Osho Tapoban is a retreat center for followers of Rajneesh, who is also known as Osho, It also allows people who are interested in meditation. Located in the Nagarjung forests, the commune offers various courses on yoga, meditation, psychotherapies and alternate healing as designed by Osho. Spa facility is also provided here. The center also runs sessions of daily meditation and regular meditation camp.


+977-1-5112012, 5112013


Pranamaya Yoga

Pranamaya Yoga Studio is one of the oldest contemporary yoga studios of Kathmandu. With the intention of creating a sanctuary in Kathmandu for the practice of Yoga, Pranamaya has two studios in the valley, one based in Thamel and another in Jhamsikhel and one in Pokhara. The studio offers classes, workshops and yoga retreats.



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