The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile

Flying is an act of trust. It requires immense faith in science and the trust in the pilots to fly the hulk of metal from one place to another. It is only natural that passengers would feel helpless inside an aircraft, even before getting into one. The passengers look to the people in-charge, whether it’d be from the ground staff or cabin crew for updated information and service that prioritizes their safety and comfort. Buddha Air, Nepal’s leading airlines has excellent customer service that works towards a safe, comfortable and memorable flying experience for all its passengers.

Air travel can come with some hiccups like security checking, weather delays and the waiting that comes with it. These glitches are more often than not, simply outside the influence of the best of airlines. Buddha Air, however, knows how to provide maximum satisfaction to their passengers, with an attitude of service and care.

Training to care

The employees of Buddha Air go through an initial year of internal and external training to prepare themselves to address the various needs of the passengers. They also go through periodic refreshers, both to revise their prior knowledge and to update themselves on the new developments. This works towards the state-of-the-art customer service.

Passengers are at the center of Buddha Air’s work and communication is at the center of Buddha Air’s customer service. Understanding the psychology of its passengers drives communication forward. The passengers are listened to respectfully, carefully and in an unbiased manner, while adhering to the standards set. The issues and problems that come up are dealt with speed and precision. Whether flights are operated under normal circumstances or during an emergency, Buddha Air’s cabin crew are trained to be calm and helpful. Their goal is to ensure that passengers onboard feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Buddha Air’s customer service starts well before a passenger boards an aircraft. Waiting at airports is an inevitable part of air travel. To ease this waiting, Buddha Air provides snacks at their airport counters. Passengers are also provided internet access so they are entertained. Buddha Air prioritizes communicating flight details to passengers, which includes information regarding long weather delays or flight cancellations. An informed passenger prepared to wait is always better than an ill-informed, disgruntled passenger who has no idea when things will move.

An Airline for All

Buddha Air strives to be the airlines for people of all needs. The effort begins at check-in counters at the airports, where passengers meet the employees. The employees assist passengers as per their need. In cases of passengers with special needs, whether they are visually impaired, the elderly or persons with disabilities, they are prioritized, checked in and escorted with special attention into departure, without the need to stay in long queues. A couple of employees are dedicated for this very purpose. A separate, disability friendly vehicle is used to transport people with disability within the airport. A wheelchair is available at all times and can be used upon request at the check-in counters. The employees are trained to provide care and support with respect to everyone. The cabin crew members are trained to administer first aid in cases of emergency.

Buddha Air also provides stretchers for those in need of it. With at least a day’s notice, 6 seats are booked for the passenger on the stretcher. The guardians traveling with the patient must book separate seats. In-house engineers accommodate 6 seats and create an area for the stretcher to be attached comfortably in the aircraft.The area is cordoned off from the rest of the aircraft for privacy and safety. The engineers travel with the aircraft whenever a stretcher is attached to it.The passenger can travel as long as they have a recommendation from a doctor that deems them fit to fly. An in-flight oxygen tank is also kept on stand-by and can be used with prior notification.

Traveling With Kids

Children can be difficult and unpredictable. They need special attention, especially so when traveling. The ground staff and cabin crew are trained to assist guardians with children and pregnant women with equanimity and respect. Infants under the age of 2 years can travel with their traveling companion at only 10% of the fare. With verifiable documents, tickets for infants can be made at the airport counter without prior bookings.Children from 2 to 12 years of age enjoy the child fare with a discount of 33%. They can even travel alone as unaccompanied minors, in which case, they will be escorted by the ground staff and flight attendants safely and handed over to the guardian with relevant identification.


Buddha Air continuously strives to make their passengers’ travel experience better. Who better to tell them how to than the passengers themselves? Whether it is through personal interactions or through emails, Buddha Air values the feedback that travels back to them. Daily meetings and other periodic meetings are held between the employees to review the interactions and complaints. The meetings are centered on ways to provide better service to the customers. Buddha Air even has a dedicated email address, to welcome direct feedback from passengers.

Whether you’re a loyal passenger who has flown many times or someone who has yet to fly, Buddha Air keeps its passengers first. While each flight experience will be different in terms of destinations, weather, passengers, pilots and flight attendants; Buddha Air strives to consistently provide standard and dependable services.