Customer Service in Aviation Industry

Customer Service in Aviation Industry

Good customer experiences are of great significance in aviation industry because all airlines depend on their passengers. Airlines are at the risk of losing valuable customers if they are unable to provide a satisfactory service. Therefore, an airline has to understand customers’ needs and wants in order to deliver specific experiences.

Customer service begins the moment a passenger purchases tickets and is continued throughout the passenger’s journey from baggage checking and handling, boarding the aircraft, in-flight service to disembarking the aircraft. Providing a great experience through each moment of a passenger’s journey will retain and create loyal passengers. A simple smile from the flight attendants or gate agents, waiving a standby fee to get on an earlier flight, allowing families to sit together without paying more are some instances were airlines have shown exceptional customer service. Flight attendants are even trained to be like international diplomats, to handle unruly passengers with confidence and poise.

In the past, Ryanair had been criticized about its service. However, real life scenarios show that they provide personalized customer service. For example, Ryanair refunded the ticket of a passenger who had lost her mother-in-law. When the passenger reached out to Ryanair, the airlines replied to her with kind words and refunded her trip. On the other hand, Emirates provides special offers to business and first class passengers and a complimentary chauffer-drive service.

The airline industry is evolving from a commoditized transportation business into a business focused on hospitality and services. The carriers focused on providing a pleasant experience are being rewarded with higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, studies suggest that passengers decide to fly an airline based on services or experiences the airline provides, rather than price, routes and scheduling. Satisfied customers are likely to be repeat passengers and recommend the airline to others.

The infamous incident of United Airlines that showed a passenger, Dr. David Dao being forcibly and violently removed from an oversold flight confirms a perception that people have for air travel – airlines focus only on profits and neglect their passengers.

The operational and financial constraints of air travel are challenges that require thinking outside of the box to deliver exceptional customer service. Even if airlines are constrained by limitations outside their control like airport security and maintenance, weather, state run infrastructures, etc they can excel in other parts like crew friendliness, clean aircraft bathrooms, providing good seats, etc.

Flying for over two decades, Nepal’s leading domestic airlines, Buddha Air has been prioritizing customer service with no exception. Our focus is on creating highly experienced, trained and motivated employees to keep our passengers happy. Feedback and suggestions from social media platforms are quickly responded. Our frequent flyer program, Royal Club provides members with benefits and free tickets. Checking the flight status of the day is only a tap away on our mobile app. In case there is no internet, passenger can easily book a ticket through our call center. Our call center number is 01-5542494. Furthermore, passengers can purchase tickets online on our website or mobile app through different payment gateways. Travel agents no longer have to spend their valuable time depositing funds with online deposits which is very friendly and easy way to accomplish. To book your flight tickets, visit Buddha Air.

All frontline employees are frequently trained on customer service and randomly tested on their performance through surveys, audits, etc. Our prime focus is to make passengers satisfied with our services and retain them forever. Passengers know us as an airline that prioritizes safety. Our state of the art hangar is acknowledged by all and an example of our emphasis on flight safety. Tremendous investments are made on manpower and aircraft spares inventory.


Every airline needs to instill in all its employees the importance of customer service. Successful organizations have defined service standards in absolute terms as it is critical for survival and long term business growth. It is now certain that only those airlines with higher customer satisfaction will stay on top of their competitors.