5 Fun Facts about Airplanes that might Surprise You

5 Fun Facts about Airplanes that might Surprise You

We might have often flown to different parts of the world or even a city within a national territory in a beautiful airplane but have never questioned the few odds or most of the people never even considered noticing them in the first place. Well, whatever is your case we will debunk few fun facts about the airplanes that will interest your appetite to read more.

  • Why Airplane Windows Are Round?

Something strange to notice in an airplane is the circular-shaped windows. The round-shaped windows are there for some obvious reasons and they are there not just for a design. Circular shapes are much stronger and can resist deformation compared to squares or any other shape. It can also tolerate the extreme pressure that forms inside and outside of an aircraft.

  • Why aircraft are painted white?

The color white has many benefits when it comes to an airplane. As the white reflects the heat and doesn’t fade it has become the first color choice of airlines.

Furthermore, the white body of an airplane can help easily detect any dents or signs of damages, therefore, white is the common color among commercial airplanes.

  • Why most airplane seat blue?

Blue seats in airplanes are common to see and there is a good reason why they are so. Blue is considered as the color that brings calmness and therefore people who are anxious about flying can feel relief.

Similarly, blue is also the color that is easy to clean and as there isn’t much time between flights for in-depth cleaning blue is the best choice for airplanes. 

  • What percentage of the population been on an airplane? 

Have you ever wondered what percentage of the global population ever been on an airplane? Well, looking at the rapid growth in the aviation sector it is obvious to feel that the percentage must be high however the actual statistics show that only 5% of the world population has ever flown on an airplane.

Most of the population belonging to underdeveloped countries never been in an aircraft and on the other side a small group of people are the frequent flyers.   

  • Is Black Box Actually Black?

A very well-known term in the aviation world is the flight data recorder known as the black box. However, these data recording boxes are painted bright orange because of few pros that help to maintain and locating them. Bright orange colors are heat-resistant and are easy to locate in the accident scene.

Hope you enjoyed reading these fun facts about airplanes and hope they surprised you. Keep reading our blog for more interesting posts regarding aviation, flying safety, and other important updates.