Flight Watch

Flight Watch is the process of operations control which allows continuous monitoring and communication. The flights are monitored from takeoff to landing phase. For the effective completion of an en route flight, active monitoring is required to reduce any mishaps. This is important, especially during unforeseen circumstances, where the aircraft needs assistance for new route, additional ground support, etc.
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Flight Data Monitoring

Flight Data Monitoring (FDM), also known as Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) or Flight Data Analysis (FDA). It monitors and analyzes recorded flight data which help to identify trends and fully investigate abnormalities. Through investigations, it helps to take corrective actions by interacting with pilots based on the data.
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Next Gen

The NextGen Weather Program is a critical part of NextGen as it helps to reduce the impact of weather on aviation, resulting in safer, more efficient and predictable day-to-day flight operations. The movement to the next generation of aviation (NextGen) is being facilitated by a change to smarter, satellite-based and digital technologies and new procedures that combine to make air travel more convenient, predictable and environmentally friendly in the increasingly congested airspace.
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