ATR 72-500

ATR 72-500

ATR 72-500 represents the latest generation of turboprop aircraft with comfort and performance. The 70-seat ATR 72-500 is known to be the best aircraft with turboprop engines. Powered by PW127 engines, which are also used to power ATR 42-500, the ATR 72-500 provides outstanding short-field performance for an aircraft of this size. The modernized new look, passenger cabins, ergonomic leather seats, and quieter than regional jets are the main features that make it the most comfortable aircraft for regional operations.
In the ATR 72-500 aircraft, a range of improvements in the field of noise and vibration has been implemented. The aircraft has an optimized, efficient, and technologically advanced acoustic treatment of the structure with the installation of Dynamic Vibration Absorbers and skin damping. A new look interior is engineered for maximum noise reduction and optimum comfort through new materials, absorbent panels, and carpets. There are large overhead bins including handrails to facilitate passengers and crew movement along with the cabin.
ATR 72-500 emits about 50% less CO2 per passenger-km than new-generation jets and up to three times less CO2 than older ones. Compared to a car, the ATR 72-500's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per seat/km on a 200-Nm (370 km) sector are 15% lower.

Brief Overview of ATR 72-500

  • It is manufactured by Avions De Transport Regional (ATR) a joint venture of France and Italy.

  • The ATR 72-500 is one of the best cost-efficient regional aircraft with turboprop engines

  • Powered by Pratt & Whitney PW127 engines

  • Capacity for 72 passengers

  • This aircraft is environment-friendly, emitting less than 50% carbon dioxide per passenger-km than its competitors

  • Features cabin interiors engineered for attenuation and optimum comfort through advanced materials and absorbent panels and carpets.




ATR 72-500 Fleet Specifications

 Aircraft   Engine Model   Aircraft Reg. No.   MSN   MTOW   Date of Operation 
ATR 72-500 PW127F/M 9N-AJO 535 22500 KG 02-July- 2010
ATR 72-500 PW127F/M 9N-AJS 531 22500 KG 01-September-2011
ATR 72-500 PW127F/M 9N-AJX 578 22500 KG 26-September-2012
ATR 72-500 PW127F/M 9N-AMD 735 22500 KG 04-March-2017
ATR 72-500 PW127F/M 9N-AMF 764 22500 KG 02-March-2018
ATR 72-500 2x PW100/150 9N-AMU 759 22500 KG 05-August-2018
ATR 72-500 2x PW100/150 9N-AMY 751 22500 KG 03-April-2019
ATR 72-500 PW127F/M 9N-ANI 772 22500 KG 03-October-2019
ATR 72-500 PW127F/M 9N-ANH 924 22500 KG 08-February-2021
ATR72-500 PW127F/M 9N-AJL 933 22500 KG 01-July-2021
ATR72-500 PW127F/M 9N-ANP 841 22500 KG 23-May-2022 
ATR72-500 PW127F/M 9N-ANQ 843 22500 KG 08- July-2023 
ATR72-500 PW127M 9N-ANW 918 22500 Kg 10- September-2023
ATR72-500 PW127M 9N-AOC 955 22500 Kg 10- Dec-2023