ATR 42-320

ATR 42-320

ATR is a French-Italian aircraft manufacturer formed in 1981 by Aérospatiale of France (now EADS) and Aeritalia (now Alenia Aeronautica) of Italy. Its primary products are the ATR 42 and ATR 72 aircrafts.

Alenia Aeronautica manufacturing facilities in Pomigliano d'Arco, near Naples, Italy produce the aircraft fuselage and tail sections. Aircraft wings are assembled at EADS Sogerma in Bordeaux in western France for Airbus France. Final assembly, flight-testing, certification and deliveries are the responsibility of ATR in Toulouse, France.
The ATR 42-320 is the second development of the ATR 42. It draws from 
in-service experience of about 700 ATR aircrafts flying worldwide, with average dispatch reliability in excess of 99.6%. It uses Pratt and Whitney Canada PW121E engines offering a cruise speed of 250 knots, a fast climb from 1,500 ft to 17,000 ft in less than 10 minutes, outstanding take-off and single engine performance maintained even in hot and high condition. It has excellent short-field performance and step approach capability.
The ATR 42-320 provides passengers with an 
on-board comfort and services comparable to the jetliner. It has a high cruise ceiling of about 7,000 m (21,000 ft) with inherent stability and can operate in a maximum altitude of 25,000ft. It features large overhead bins including a handrail to facilitate passengers and crew movement along the cabin and has more windows than rows of seats for optimized views, individual reading lights and cabin attendant call system along with quiet, comfortable and spacious cabins.

Brief Overview of ATR 42-320

  • It is manufactured by Avions De Transport Regional (ATR) a joint venture of France and Italy.

  • The ATR 42-320 is a twin turboprop aircraft

  • Powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada engines PW121 engines.

  • Capacity for 47 passengers

  • It features large overhead bins, handrail for facilitation of cabin/crew passenger movement and comfortable and spacious cabins.

  • We have THREE ATR 42-320 aircrafts.




ATR 42-320 Fleet Specifications 

Aircraft Engine Model Aircraft Reg. No. MSN MTOW Date of Operation
ATR 42-320 PWC PW121 9N-AIM 388 16700 KG 20-September-2008
ATR 42-320 PWC PW121 9N-AIN 403 16700 KG 17-September-2008
ATR 42-320 PWC PW121 9N-AIT 409 16700 KG 14-May-2009