Revenue Department

Revenue Department

Ganesh Lohani, Director

Effective revenue management makes the organizations acutely aware from the upcoming losses and help to organization for further growth in future. So the Revenue Department plans and coordinates revenue related functions working closely with external agencies and other departments. Revenue department involves for the systematic recording of all revenue transactions and maintenance of the correct and up to date revenue accounting records of the company. Its primary task is to formulate and execute revenue related  financial plans and policies, co-ordinate, control and disseminate information to all related departments, agencies and partner organizations, as well as preparing its own plans and programs, supervising, implementation, monitoring progress, motivating the general staff and maintain its database.

The revenue department ensures proper and timely collection of the company’s revenue from the agencies as well as own sales outlets within the stipulated time. The department monitors and controls overall Passenger Sales Agents (PSA), General Sales Agents (GSA), online B2B and B2C sales and owns all sales outlets in and outside the country.

In 1997 we started our commercial operation from 18 commercial seats but, now in 2019 600 commercial seats are available for sale and going to add another 72 seats in near future. Likewise Sales revenue also increased from 160 million to 6.08 Billion in our past operations and plans 7.5 Billion revenue for coming year. Initially we started from seven staffs but now Twenty-two staffs in the department, likewise from 40 agencies to now 2500 agencies are directly associated with us. The increasing role of information technology in an enterprise, the whole organization including revenue department is trying to cope the pace of new technologies.

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