International Cargo Services

International Cargo Services

Buddha Air is proud to announce its readiness in becoming Nepal’s first commercial cargo flight carrying cargo in the passenger cabin with its seats removed in ATR Fleet with an untainted interest to serve the nation in this critical phase of a pandemic. As the catastrophe of coronavirus and the nationwide lockdown has interrupted our global outreach, we, therefore, being the best commercial airline in Nepal feel our responsibility to bridge the circumstances and continue the supply of essential items despite pandemic out-turn.

The ATR-42 will have two sections in the passenger cabin with the capacity to uplift 1500 kg in each section, whereas ATR-72 is segmented in three different parts with the capacity to lift 1900 kg. The special procedure will be used to balance the weight in the aircraft, whereas the cargo will be well netted and laced under the supervision of the engineer to restrict its movements. Buddha Air’s cargo flight will be conducted with onboard of two technicians as cargo attendants, flight dispatchers, and an engineer along with a pilot and a co-pilot.Buddha Air will be initiating its cargo flights for medicines, medical equipment, and other cargo items. However in case of situations where the domestic flights resume within the country with a long halt of international flights which is to be seen practiced around the globe then the requirements of spare parts, materials, and other equipment for domestic operations can also be fulfilled with these cargo flights.

Some of our aircrafts ATR-72 and ATR-42 were re-arranged with the removal of passenger seats into a cargo aircraft under the strict guidelines of ATR and IATA with the support of our dedicated team of engineers. With the approval from CAAN, Buddha Air’s cargo flight is now ready to uplift freights from around India, Bangladesh, and other parts of South-East Asia.


2 Sections 3 Sections
6 Ton 8 Ton
5 Crew Members 5 Crew Members

Our trained staff and crew members of cargo flight will strictly operate under our standard operation procedure (SOP) for the safety of the aircraft. Teams engaging in this new flight are trained and equipped with safety majors so to avoid any events during the operation. In this critical phase of pandemic, we are well aware of the risk associated with COVID-19 hence necessary disinfecting of the goods and the aircraft will be done under the strict COVID-19 protocol that now Buddha Air is practicing as recommended by WHO.