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Buddha Air : Press Release

Buddha Air Communiqué: Bird Strike Committee Formed

The bird strikes and animal hit on the ground and in the sky have been a major safety concern for our passengers, aircraft crew and aircraft. Bird strikes and animal hit occur most during the landing phases of flight. In Nepal, a bird strike or animal hit has not lead to major fatalities and injuries of the passengers and aircraft crew.

However, in some cases, the bird / animal hit could lead to structural damage, which causes our aircraft to be grounded until our operations and technical department can fix the problem. This leads to a loss of revenue, on top of the additional costs required to repair the damage. The incident of bird strikes has been gradually increasing in Nepal. In 2016, there have been more than 50 incidents recorded in Nepal. Buddha Air has faced problems due to bird strike more than a dozen times. The main cause of bird strike and animal hit has been the mismanagement of waste at the areas located around or in the airport.

On 26 December 2016, a bird struck 9N-AIT aircraft while it was landing at Pokhara Airport (Flight No. 612) at 11:20am. All the passengers and crew on board were safe.

In order to ensure the safety of our passengers, crew and aircraft, Buddha Air has formed a committee regarding this matter. The members of the committee are as follows:
Uday K Shrestha (Operation Engineering Division)
Ratna Rai (Ground Handling Division)
Sujal Joshi (Corporate Safety Department)
Biklap Bomjon (Operations Engineering Division)
Bhubaneshwor Tripathi (Pokhara Station)

In the first phase, this committee has been assigned to investigate the causes of bird strike in Pokhara Airport. After a thorough investigation at Pokhara, they will extend their research to other airports as well.

The committee has been assigned the task of finding out the cause of the bird hit and preventive measures we can undertake to bring bird strikes to a complete stop. After the investigation report, we will launch a campaign with the help of the local people, concerned offices and authorities.

We need to engage our local community and other corporations to keep and maintain a clean and green environment at the airports and surrounding areas, which will help with waste management and reduce the number of bird strike and animal hit.

We would also like to hear suggestions from you to adopt measures to keep the areas clean. Please send your suggestions to:

From the year 2015-2016, these are the incidents and airports where bird strikes have occurred:

Airport Name Number of Bird Strike Incident
Tribhuvan International Airport (Kathmandu) 14
Bhadrapur Airport 4
Biratnagar Airport 6
Simara Airport 3
Tumlingtar Airport 1
Pokhara Airport 4
Nepalgunj Airport 1
Dhangadhi Airport 1
Bharatpur Airport 2
Gautam Buddha Airport (Bhairahawa) 3

मर्मत-सम्भार सम्झौता

बुद्ध एयर र बंगलादेशको नोभो एयरबीच विमान मर्मतसम्भार सम्झौता भएको छ । त्रिभुवन अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय विमानस्थलभित्र बुध्द एयरको ह्याङ्गरमा आयोजित समारोहका अवसरमा बुध्द एयरका प्रबन्ध निर्देशक वीरे न्द्रबहादुर बस्नेत र नोभो एयरका प्रबन्ध निर्देशक मोफिजुर रहमानले मर्मतसम्भार सम्बन्धी सम्झौतामा हस्ताक्षर गरे । 
नोभोएयर बंगलादेशको निजी क्षे त्रबाट सञ्चालित वायुसेवा कम्पनी हो । यसले आन्तरिकका साथै म्यानमारको यंगुन पनि उडान भरिरहेको छ । यससँग तीनवटा ईआरजे–१४५ र हालै तीनवटा एटीआर–७२–५०० जहाज सञ्चालनमा छ । यसले निकट भविष्यमै थप दुईवटा एटीआर–७२–५०० जहाज भित्र्याउन लागेको छ । 
सम्झौतापत्र अनुसार बुध्द एयरले नो भोएयरको एटीआर–७२–५०० जहाजको सम्पूर्ण मर्मतसम्भार गर्नेछ । यसका लागि बुध्द एयरका दुईजना इन्जिनियर बंगलादे शमै खटिनेछन् । ठूल्ठूला मर्मतसम्भार गर्नुपरे जहाज नेपाल ल्याइनेछ । नोभो एयरले विमान उडानका लागि बुध्द एयरका क्याप्टेन तथा सहचालकहरुको सेवासम्बन्धी समझदारीमा पनि हस्ताक्षर गर्ने भएको छ । बुध्द एयरले यसका लागि हरेक तीन–तीन महिनामा २ क्याप्टेन तथा २ सहचालकको टिम पठाउनेछ ।

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As all of you are aware of a decision taken by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), it has been decided that the ‘passenger service charges’ meant for all domestic flights departing from Tribhuvan International Airport, Office of the Civil Aviation, Kathmandu, must be included in the air tickets.

As per the CAAN’s notice, Buddha Air would like to inform its valued passengers that it would add Rs 200/- as passenger service charges (PSC) in the air tickets with effect from July 16, 2013.
Hence, this arrangement would be implemented for the passengers(only for outgoing from TIA Domestic Airport) travelling to all Buddha Air’s domestic destinations from 16 July, 2013 onwards.
The passengers, who have purchased air tickets earlier before publishing this notice, are kindly requested to deposit the amount compulsorily at a check-in counter of the Buddha Air as the PSC has not been included in the tickets.

- 5 July 2013

Buddha Air adds another ATR 72-500 as its 9th aircraft to the fleet

Buddha Air has added another aircraft ATR 72-500 to its fleet. Buddha Air now has 2 ATR 72-500, 3 ATR 42-320 and 4 Beech 1900 D aircrafts. The newly added aircraft is a 70 seated and is planned to operate flights at Biratnagar, Bhadrapur, Nepalgunj and Bhairahawa. With the addition of ninth aircraft, Buddha Air is determined to cater more comfortable flight operations to the passengers.

-  3 Aug 2011

Kathmandu-Tumlingtar-Kathmandu & Tumlingtar-Biratnagar-Tumlingtar Flights

In the process of facilitating passengers and expanding destinations, Buddha Air proudly announces the commencement of flights Kathmandu-Tumlingtar-Kathmandu and Tumlingtar-Biratnagar-Tumlingtar flights. There will be daily 2 Kathmandu-Tumlingtar-Kathmandu flights from 5 June, 2011 and Weekly 3 Tumlingtar-Biratnagar-Tumlingtar flights (Sunday, Wednesday and Friday) from 12 June, 2011.

The schedule details and flight timings are given below.

Kathmandu-Tumlingtar-Kathmandu (Daily 2 Flights)

Flight No Sector Flight Time







11:30 (SUN, WED, FRI)

10:20 (MON, TUE, THU, SAT)








Tumlingtar-Biratnagar-Tumlingtar (Weekly 3 flights Sun, Wed, Fri)

Flight No Sector Flight Time








- 1 Jun 2011